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The effect of greed and the drive for domination is that it drives certain people to gain more and more influence so that they can limit the access of other people to these resources in the environment, while maximizing their own access.

It is critical that this potential should be respected from the beginning of life, but nzim must be a com- mitment to help the person achieve their full humanity. In fact, as we have noted above, you cannot study the nature of the human being without studying the spir- itual nature. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said: Humans must know thyxelf they are human in order to engage in human conduct.

Certainly there is much about human survival that has to do with the transmission 1 of certain skills and the earliest learning that we experience firmly implants many of those basic skills, such as walking, speaking a language, etc.

But the myth is self-inflicted intellectual segrega- tion. To know oneself is to knod all men, as from us came all and to us all will return.

The Tribal dimension of the self is the ancestral component of ones being. We have in this acknowledgement invited God into our studies. For example, we know from the study thyselg biology that the body is very much affected by our emotions, and events in our bodies similarly affect our emotions. This is the study of what consti- tutes the self. Influence means that your dignity and resources will be respected and you wall be capable of developing yourself and your people consistent with the highest human ideals on the planet.

The ferocious nature of the beast is tamed and brought into submission by the power of the human being. They become the voices who tearfully join in any memorial to the suffering of other groups but accuse African-Americans ol being preoccupied with their own victimization akbag they attempt to understand the consequences of years of slavery and oppression.

The soul as I have discussed above and the other components thysef the self knoe 1 will discuss below must be all considered in this process of gaining self-knowl- edge. In developing an educational system for the self-knowledge of African- Americans, we would not want to replicate such a system of white supremacy that has taught Caucasian people that they are superior because they are not Black, Brown or Red people.

In fact, educa- tional institutions themselves are set up, not only to prepare people to preserve the gains of the past, but to insure the continued influence of the present into the future. Because of this miseducation, ideas of white supremacy can continue to thrive, conv incing each new generation of Akkbar that they have an exclusive monopoly on nai, to the development of the planet.

The so-called school, then, becomes a questionable factor in the life of this despised people. No one would expend those kinds of resources if they were thyselg aware that they had the power to influence millions of people to want what they have to sell. The same patterns were reflected in their studies of numbers Numerology and their studies of the principles and processes of transformation that they called Alchemy.

Though these things have been made to appear very complex and abstract, even thysdlf, the bottom lice is that people establish mechanisms to insure the survival of themselves and their kind.

In ancient and contemporary times, people of various races and tribes have contributed to the advancement of humanity on this planet. In remembering and celebrating him, we are able to ritualistically invoke the recog- nition of all of those tribal ancestors who w-ould not give up and struggled to advance freedom for those of us who were not even bom at the time of their bat- tles. The person who learns about the origins of mathe matics, science, astronomy, religion, philosophy, architecture, medicine, etc.

Know Thyself The discovery of the use of fire transformed human beings from that gen- eration forward. Every mighty civilization devotes considerable energy to the process of insuring their continuity.

The person who learns to love their self also develops respect for the Divine core that is within. The courage and commitment of those who struggled for the freedom of the unborn is personified in the life and struggles of Dr. Of course, there are fhyself weaknesses that exist in the personal self as well. In this volume, we will refer to the land of the Nqim Nile Valley Civilization as Kemit as these great African people referred to akbae. As a people, we must become producers and not remain consumers and employees.

Again, the purpose of these studies was to show the relationship between nature and the human self. They do not see naik benefit of our children having special learning opportunities at least until they have a func- tional knowledge of who they are.

The language of the name tells us much about our nationality, native tongue, culture, history and a wide range of things about our human social function and origin. You can never do all that you need by yourself, but you should always be able to offer those who can do what you need something from your arsenal of capability thyselt fulfill some need that they might have.

In the African- American community, we still have teachers who resist the idea that our children should be equipped to deal with racism by understanding it and recognizing its presence. It is for this reason that the strong cry for an Afrocentric education has gone up from the most gifted educators within the African-American community. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated: I do not condemn the contributions that have been made by the development of technology. This is where the study of history takes on very direct and very important psychological implications as a tool to enlighten the self.

This does not deny the relevance of the kind of political and economic exploitation that continues to be executed by invaders.

There are no discussion thysrlf on this book yet. Foreign invaders from Europe colonized the African continent, took their natural resources, exploited the people, ridiculed and interrupted their indigenous cultural practices.

We must not let our children be as are we, beggars of another man for his home, facilities, clothing, food and the means of providing a living. This is the reason that people exert so much energy in the construction a,bar monuments and edifices that they feel will immortalize their ideas for future generations. TOP Related Posts.


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