I park in parking spots as close to the stores as I can get. Unless it is a little hamster tail. The angst and drama that occurred made my chest booj and my heart feel heavy. Yeah, Justice North gets a mate; even though he tries to fight it for what he thinks is the good of his people.

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Mary took a step closer, glancing at the big man next to Mel before backing up. It was clear she was too afraid to come any closer. It should hurt, right? Her arm just kind of throbbed as if it suddenly had its own heartbeat. Blue Eyes put his hands on her waist. They were large, and she could feel the warmth of them through her thin work T-shirt. He turned her toward him more, and it made her stumble since she seemed suddenly unable to control her legs.

Blue Eyes looked at something over her shoulder. Stay back. I shot people. Real people. Not pesky vermin. Mel was afraid to turn her head to see if either of the men still lived. She just stared deeply into Mr.

He held onto her. It was probably the only thing that kept her upright because she felt as if she might collapse as reality slowly sank in. Sheriff Cooper was known for being a crusty old bastard who was fond of the New Species, and he let everyone know not to mess with them in any way. That included asking questions. He said they got enough of that from the reporters that sometimes showed up in town.

Medical is being put on alert. He still had that effect on her despite being struck by a bullet. Jinx has pressure on the wound to slow the bleeding.

That stunned her. But I love the way he says my name. Your human hospital is too far away. Snow released her waist and she swayed, but he bent and locked one of his arms behind her knees, while wrapping the other around her back. He hoisted her up against his chest. The fast motion made her dizzy, And Mel closed her eyes. Those males would have shot more of us. That surprised her. He jogged outside with her, and the motion made her feel sick to her stomach.

It would be just her luck if she puked on the guy she imagined naked all the time. She sealed her lips and tried to breathe through her nose. It did distract her from the increased throbbing in her arm, and the fact that blood still dripped from the wound. Chapter Two Mel heard sirens in the distance. The sheriff or one of his deputies must be on their way. Maybe even all of them. It took her a second to comply, since that arm had gotten smashed between his big chest and her body.

Her fingers brushed his silky hair, and she felt his firm back along her forearm. She dug her fingers into muscle on his shoulder. He slid into the front passenger seat and lifted her body until she had to release his shoulder to sit on his lap. He turned her a little, pressing her spine against his chest, then slammed the door closed. He looked furious and seriously scary with his mouth open, showing fangs.

He fixed his full attention on Snow. Their medical facilities can tend to her better. Doors opened in the back and the SUV rocked a bit. A few of the New Species gently placed the bleeding one across the bench seat, and a black-haired feline climbed in, too. Mel glanced back, watching. She saw flashing lights as the sirens grew louder.

That made the situation more real. She faced forward, still feeling like she could puke. Jinx, do you got him? Stay with me, Wind. Remember that. Snow tensed and adjusted his hold on Mel again. He wrapped one of his arms around her, right under her breasts, and braced his feet against the floorboards. His other hand gripped the center divider. The tires squealed in protest, and it made Mel grateful that Snow held her tight, since the motion threw her backward into him. Pain lanced down her arm and she almost blacked out.

She wished she had lost consciousness when she looked out the windshield. Timber did a great impression of being a race car driver. He swerved around a slower-moving car, and then took a turn so fast, she closed her eyes. The motion of being thrown against the door despite Snow holding her jarred her enough to hurt like hell. The vehicle straightened and she opened her eyes. It was a mistake. Timber leaned forward on the straightaway and messed with the dash. Her mouth opened in horror as the SUV gained ground on a truck ahead of them.

The urge to scream choked her; it seemed as if the canine driver planned to ram right into the back of the vehicle. But he swerved, barely missing the blue truck at the last second. A soft ringing started, and she though it must be in her ears. But a voice came on next. Snow twisted his body a little in the seat and turned his head. Jinx is applying pressure to slow the bleeding. It was really bloody. It looked pret ty bad to her. Are they prepared? Old Doc Harris and Ted are on standby.

Doc Alli is on her way in. It was a good thing he did, since they seemed to skid a bit from how fast they were traveling. She regretted not being buckled into a seat belt. They made it to another long straightaway, and she saw a line of dark NSO SUVs coming toward them from the other lane.

She counted six vehicles. She turned her head, peering into the side mirror. Five kept going, but one hit the brakes. White smoke rose from the tires of the SUV as it skidded to a halt. The vehicle turned around on the road and came after them.

The trees were thick on both sides of the road, and she wondered how anyone could see their vehicle from Reservation unless they had people in the woods as lookouts, or possibly cameras. A big turn came up. Timber finally hit the brakes by punching down on them for a split second.

It hurt a lot, though, since the fast motion wrenched her left arm. She closed her eyes and, for once, did what her mama always told her to do. She prayed. She was pressed against the door again when they took the turn too fast. What does that name mean to him? Mama and Papa are going to order me to come back home. Mel opened her eyes. Nobody in town ventured there out of respect for the New Species and fear of Sheriff Cooper.

Big walls were all she could see on the right and left of the road, disappearing into the tall trees. Two massive gates were wide open, and at least a few dozen armed men wearing riot gear stood on top of the walls and beside the road next to the gates.


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