Ahmad Sara marked it as to-read May 13, That tree would be green and tender before the crucifixion and would turn parched after the crucifixion. Shaykh Abdullah ibn Zaid Al Musallam. Shaykh Abdul Azeez Al Fawzan. They also say that whosoever does not practice taqiyyah. Shaykh Assim as Sabuni. It is also applied to disbelievers or atheists or free-thinkers.

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We praise Him and seek His help and forgiveness. And we seek refuge in Allaah from the evils of our own selves and from our wicked deeds. Whosoever Allaah has guided, there is none to misguide him. And whosoever Allaah has misguided, none can guide him.

And I bear witness that there is no other god except Allaah, alone, without partner or associate. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger. And for this did He create them, and the word of your Lord will be fulfilled: I will fill Hell with jinns and men altogether.

Later on, it developed into a set of misbeliefs and erroneous concepts which ultimately constituted a new religion; a religion other than that which was taught by the Prophet Muhammad sallahu alayhi wa salam , and by his Companions after him.

Furthermore, they reject the authentic compilations of the sacred traditions, such as those of the two great imams Al-Bukhari and Muslim. Grounds for such a belief are yet to be found. Khomeini clearly admits this in his book Al-Huloomatul-Islaamiah: "Do you think that it is enough for us, with respect to-our religion, to collect its rulings and directives in Al-Kaafi, then put it on a shelf and neglect it?

When the call to such a purpose is free from ulterior motives and is likely to yield more benefit than harm, and the call to unity is to bring the people together upon the same understanding of aqeedah and manhaj then it becomes incumbent on all Muslims to respond to it and to co-operate with each other to make it a success. Discussion of this call had increased in recent years, and had such a pronounced effect that it attracted the attention of Al-Azhar University, one of the religious institutions of those who adhere to the four schools of jurisprudence of Ahlus-Sunnahs Sunni Muslims 5.

Therefore, this topic is timely and worthy of research, study and exposition by every Muslim who has knowledge of the issue, in all its details and with all its ramifications. Since religious issues tend to be controversial in nature, they should be handled with wisdom, insight and straightforwardness. It may be remarked that with any contentious issue involving more than one party, chances for its successful resolution are correlated-to the responsiveness of the parties involved.

A filthy soul, which produces such wickedness, is in a greater need of the call to understanding and reconciliation than we are. Is it not fair to say that they should have restrained their malice and hatred against the first Imams of Islaam and that they should have appreciated the noble stand of Ahlus-Sunnah toward Ahlul Bait, that stand which never fell short in offering due homage and reverence to the family of the Prophet?

Or do they consider us to be remiss in not taking the family of the Prophet as gods to be worshipped along with Allaah, as they do? Without a doubt, responsiveness to each other is essential if two parties are to achieve a mutual "coming together", reconciliation and understanding.

This mutual responsiveness can only come about if there are sincere efforts on both sides to achieve it. As stated above, there is a "reconciliation" centre in Egypt, a Sunni country; there are also propaganda offices, which wage hostile campaigns against those who do not favour such centres.

Finally, one may question the value of beginning the process of reconciliation by attending to differences of a minor or secondary nature, while fundamental differences have not yet been addressed. Yet unless and until the fundamentals are understood and endorsed by both parties, and until there is a favourable response to this from the religious institutions of both sides, it would be useless to waste time dealing with issues of a minor or secondary nature.

In fact, it is not merely in the fundamentals of jurisprudence that there are differences, but also, and more importantly, in the fundamental articles of faith of each party, even in their deepest roots and origins.

In fact, they neither want such a thing nor approve of it. They preferred that these allegations not be brought together in a single volume, and widely disseminated, as their opponents could use it as a proof against them.

He wrote this defence of his original book two years before his death. A prophet and wali who are of each other. And celebrate the praise of your Lord, and Ali is among the witnesses.

He was able to make a photocopy of Surat-ul-Wilaayah with its Persian translation. It also appeared in the Asian-French Newspaper in C.

He did not command the Muslims to record this "missing" portion, nor to seek guidance from it, nor to apply jurisprudential rulings derived from it. They liked the book so much that they decided to translate it into their own languages. It is no wonder, since it contained hundreds of lies such as those mentioned above, along with slanderous fabrications against Allaah and the choicest of His creation, the Holy Prophet of Islaam upon whom be peace , and against the venerable Companions may Allaah be pleased with them all.

Clearly, since he was the supreme ruler, none would have challenged his authority to do this. He used to bring forth proofs that established their having been tampered with, and altered so much that their authentic origins had been lost.

Indeed, they must engage in flattery and hypocrisy, in accordance with their tenet of taqiyyah. They consider all past, present, and future governments in the Muslim world to be established by forcible seizure, and therefore illegal. I asked him whether I needed proof of his hostility towards Ahlil-Bait other than his recognition of Al-Jibt wat-Taaghoot i. His reply was that anyone, whose condition was like that just described, was adequately shown to be a naasib.

After the trial of those "tyrannous usurpers", this awaited Mahdi will awaken himself by ordering their execution. Five hundred of them at a time will be killed until their number reaches three thousand. This; being the total of all who ruled during the various eras of the history of Islaam!

It is as if I am there with him on that tenth day of the month of Muharram. Then he will dispatch armies from there to the various lands. His reign will last for seventy years of your reckoning.

How will Allaah make the years longer? When the time of his rising up arrives, rain will fall during the last month of Jumada and for ten days of Rajab, a rain that the world has never seen before.

It is as if I am seeing the resurrected ones coming forward, shaking the soil out of their hair. They would be followed by another set of five hundred, and yet another, until that recurred six times. These will be in the company of the Mahdi as helpers and judges in his service. They have been falsely attributed to the family of the Prophet, whose greatest misfortune is to have such liars pretending to be their only partisans. That tree would be green and tender before the crucifixion and would turn parched after the crucifixion.

This claim is plainly false and misleading, because the books which are taught in all of their educational institutions contain all of these tenets and hold them as essential and rudimentary elements of their faith. To further clarify this we mention as an example one person amongst them who never ceases announcing day and night that he is a proponent of unity and reconciliation, Muhammad bin Muhammad Mahdi AlKhaalisi.

He is known to have many friends in Egypt and elsewhere who broadcast the same call for taqreeb, and who work for it among the Ahlus-Sunnah.

Since the verse says: "Verily Allaah was pleased with the believers when they swore allegiance.. Al-Kulaini recorded in his book Al-Kaafi attributes and descriptions of the Twelve Imams such as would imply their elevation from the human level to that of the gods of the ancient Greek pagans. To quote all such fables from Al-Kaafi and other books would require a large volume.

This blasphemy was stated in the magazine Risalatul-lslam The Message of. Islaam , published by Darut-Taqreeb. But if the Prophet made a statement regarding the unseen, for example on the creation of the heavens and earth, or the virgins of Paradise and its palaces, then it is not incumbent or binding upon one, even when it is known of a surety that the statement has proceeded from the Prophet.

How strange, that they should falsely attribute to their Imams knowledge of the unseen, and that they should adhere to that falsehood although they have not a single proof to establish its verity.

As for those who attributed this knowledge of the unseen to the Twelve Imams, it suffices to say that they are well known to the Sunni scholars of hadith prophetic traditions as liars, and forgers of hadeeth literature.

They also gladly accept the claim that acceptance of what had been authentically attributed to the Prophet with regard to the unseen is not binding upon them.

In fact, it pleases them to limit the scope of the mission of the Messenger of Allaah to matters of a secondary juristical nature, such as those mentioned by Al-lshtiyani see above.

If, however, the government is weak, or is under attack by enemies, they side with its enemies against it. In a later time, they took the same criminal stand against the Abbasids who were threatened by the raids of Hulago and his pagan Mongol followers against the Caliphate of Islaam and its glorious capital of science and civilisation.

In fact he personally supervised the slaughter of Muslims, sparing none, not even women, children, or the aged. This same At-Toosi also approved of wholesale dumping of valuable texts of Islaamic literature in the Tigris River; its waters ran black for days from the ink of the innumerable manuscripts.

Unfortunately, a number of our distinguished figures and authors continue to be deceived by such lies due to their ignorance of the essential facts of Islaamic history. I discovered that the Imamer sect differs from and is opposed to all the others. If any sect other than the Imamers is considered "saved" then they all must be so considered.

This indicates to me that the one sect, who is to achieve salvation, is none other than the Imamers. They have told the truth in saying that all the Muslim sects are close to each other in fundamentals while they differ on secondary issues. Thus mutual understanding and a "coming together" are possible among those sects that are fundamentally akin to each other. If one uttered these two Shahaadas, even if he were in the ranks of the enemy battling against Muslims, his life and wealth would become inviolable.

He who fulfils these completes the prerequisites of imaan, and whosoever does not fulfil them does not complete his imaan. They also wished to continue claiming that they were sincere Imamers. This Muhammad bin Nusair wanted himself to be the "door" to the imaginary tunnel between the invented Imam and his followers, in order to take charge of all Zakaah funds.

After this, Muhammad Nusair broke away from his former comrades and established the Nusairiyyah sect, which takes its name and impetus from him In the meantime, his former accomplices were devising a stratagem whereby they could bring forth their supposed Imam; they wanted him to marry and have sons who would succeed him to the office of the Imamate.

This in turn would ensure that their Imamer sect would live on. It became evident, however, that the heads of the Alawi clans as well as their followers and their cousins, the Abbasid rulers and royalty would deny his appearance.

This preposterous idea could only be realised if the whole Islaamic world were to turn into a Lunatic asylum. It is the most precious and sublime of graces after that of sound imaan. Thus they would pledge allegiance to all pious members of Ahlil-Bait, without any restriction as to their number or persons. Amongst the foremost of the believers to whom they would entrust the reins of leadership were the ten Companions who were given the glad tidings of their abode in Paradise. What could be greater proof of this than the description Allaah gives of them in Suratul Fath, from His book which falsehood cannot approach from before or behind He, the Almighty, said regarding the Companions, that they are "severe with the disbelievers, merciful amongst themselves.

Those of your companions] who spent [For the sake of Allaah] and fought [in His cause] before the Victory are not on the same level [as the rest of you. Such are greater in rank than those who spent and fought afterwards. Unto each Allaah has promised good. Muhammad bin Al Hanafiyyah defended Yazeed, saying have not witnessed what you mention. I visited him and stayed with him.

He was regular in observing prayers and in performing good deeds, seeking religious knowledge and adhering to the Sunnah. Muhammad bin Al-Hanafiyyah re- joined: "What was it that he feared or hoped from me that he should appear before me in such a state of piety and humility?

And if he did not, then it is unlawful for you to bear witness to that of which you have no knowledge. We lose everything by agreeing to it, while we gain nothing in return.


Khutoot Al Areedah

Mamuro Shaykh Salmaan al Awdah. No trivia or quizzes yet. Shaykh Khalid ar Raddadi. Imam Abdullah Muhammad al Zarqaanee. This indicates to me that the one sect which is to achieve salvation is none other than the Imamers. He used to bring forth proofs which established their having been tampered with, and altered so much that their authentic origins had been lost.



We praise Him and seek His help and forgiveness. And we seek refuge in Allaah from the evils of our own selves and from our wicked deeds. Whosoever Allaah has guided, there is none to misguide him. And whosoever Allaah has misguided, none can guide him.

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