Ranieri, who earned less plaudits and medals than his Premier League leading successor during his playing days, started his managerial life at the age of 35 in the rugged Calabrian outpost of Vigor Lamezia, before taking Cagliari from Serie C1 to the top flight in successive seasons. Nevertheless, based on this game, the signs are encouraging. Andrew Headspeath 13 Mar In a sense, this was a Manchester derby that City absolutely had to win, to reassert the fact that although this was not their season, they will continue mourinhl be challenging for honors in seasons to come. Breakthroughs such as this are few and far between for Portuguese clubs. That Jose wrested the Copa del Rey from their grasp, only to reclaim the league title a year later setting new maximum points and goals scored records in the process mourinbo, further enhanced his claim to a spot in the managerial Hall of Fame.

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Faunos Veni Vidi Vici! Neither has there ever been an English Champions League winning manager. Not sure I entirely agree with you Pavan. To give context, there have been just eight Premier League winning managers in total jode yet including Mourihho and, apart from the Italians, only Scottish has more than one title winning manager to its nationality Sir Alex Ferguson and Kenny Dalglishwhile the other medals are shared out between Arsene Wenger FrenchJose Mourinho Portuguese and Manuel Pellegrini Chilean.

Ryan Giggs has been doing it consistently since In any domain, after the congratulations have died down, the euphoria worn off, the first-time winner is inevitably confronted by this question: Fighting to the end is a hallmark of winners; City displayed plenty of it in this victory.

It ended to City — and what a crucial result it was. But then he left. Simply put, there were shades of idealism on one hand and ruthless pragmatism on the other. Both took up daunting, albeit different, challenges at the time — namely the Stamford Bridge hot seat — replete with the same goals, same objectives and the same risks that came with it.

The Italian connection is a success story that has drifted somewhat under the radar. It was also a chance for City to demonstrate that they were definitely as good as, or even superior to, if we wanted to push the envelope a little bit further United.

And should Madrid fear failure too once Jose seeks to conquer foreign fields? He has consistently attributed great importance to the psychological aspect however what is not in question though, is his capacity to pull off a strategy in the short-term. As well as adaptability, and experience, another positive to be learned from the Italian mentality is its recycling of coaches, and their resilience.

In hindsight, both had worked out plans and strategies meticulously in their heads. Consider, for instance, the fact that he led Porto a club much vaunted for their kose within Portugal, but not as much on the elite European front to a Champions League title, beating the likes of Olympique LyonnaisDeportivo la Coruna and Manchester United along the way.

Instead, this was City sending out a message that they will definitely be back next season; United will have their work cut out for them retaining the title.

Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. Strength of character, determination, impeccable acumen and an unbelievable ability to instill belief and discipline among his charges, and sheer theatrical entertainment to boot; this is a man who will go down in history for his trebles and leave cult followings wherever he may roam. Perhaps it is fitting that such a disappontingly low-quality season, as evidenced in this low-quality game first half: They also had the courage and conviction to implement their ideas and stick with them to the hilt.

Pavan Mano dreamt of playing football professionally from young — a dream partially fulfilled when he played for his college for two years. Follow bpfootball Twitter Facebook Instagram Soundcloud. Hallmarks of his time as a manager include assembling mourinh team consisting of the now widespread vicci defensive midfielder or destroyer, an out-and-out striker, a reliable centre-back and a solid keeper. His original revamp of Porto no strangers venu spending themselves that led them to European silverware was shrewd, but expensive.

Despite his status as a Juventus legend, Conte vicii ushered to the high rollers tables without paying his dues. Veni Vidi Vici! Ancelotti built his reputation with a ludicrously talented Parma squad that contained the likes of Hernan Crespo, Gigi Buffon and Fabio Cannavaro but his subsequent move to Juventus was an objective failure.

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Veni Vidi Vici

Even though the quest to retain their trophy is almost definitely futile now, City still went toe-to-toe with United for much of the game, ably repelling United attacks, and carving out opportunities of their own, instead of giving up and rolling over. Neither has there ever been an English Champions League winning manager. While these two scenarios cannot be subjected to a like-for-like comparison, they illustrate not just what makes Mourinho different from a Villas-Boas, but also what makes him the Jose Mourinho we know him to be today. He has consistently attributed great importance to the psychological aspect however what is not in question though, is mkurinho capacity to pull off a strategy in the short-term. Cowed, they have lost the game mentally even before they step vnei the pitch, he claims. The Italian connection is a success story that has drifted somewhat under the radar. Veni Vidi Vici!


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