Find an authorized Onkyo dealer in your region. If you cannot turn on the unit, contact approved by the party responsible for compliance could your Onkyo dealer. Onkyo is pleased to announce a firmware update release on Dec. Connecting A Vcr B Number buttons To select your CD player as the input source, press: D Playback buttons From left to right: August 1st, — Onkyo is pleased to confirm that it will be releasing firmware updates throughout the month of August to… more. B Stop [ ] button To select your Cassette deck as the input source, This button is used to stop playback.

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If liquid is spilled over the speakers, the drive units may be damaged. Putting them on uneven or unstable surfaces, where they may fall and cause dam- age, will affect the sound quality. Do not use it in the horizontal or tilted position. Using Close to a TV or Computer TVs and computer monitors are magnetically sensitive devices and as such are likely to suffer discoloration or picture distortion when conventional speakers are placed nearby. In some situations, however, discoloration may still be an issue, in which case you should turn off your TV or monitor, wait 15 to 30 minutes, and then turn it back on again.

This normally activates the degaussing function, which neutralizes the magnetic field, thereby removing any discoloration effects. If discoloration problems persist, try moving the speakers away from your TV or monitor.

Input Signal Warning The speakers can handle the specified input power when used for normal music reproduction. If any of the fol- lowing signals are fed to them, even if the input power is within the specified rating, excessive current may flow in the speaker coils, causing burning or wire breakage: 1. Interstation noise from an untuned FM radio. Sound from fast-forwarding a cassette tape. High-pitched sounds generated by an oscillator, electronic musical instrument, and so on.

Amplifier oscillation. Special test tones from audio test CDs and so on. Thumps and clicks caused by connecting or discon- necting audio cables Always turn off your amplifier before connecting or disconnecting cables. Microphone feedback.


Onkyo HT-R340 Manuals



ONKYO HT-R340 Owner's Manual


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