Plot[ edit ] Taking place mainly in eastern Oregon in , the story concerns a pair of morally ambivalent gunmen, Cameron and Greer. On a job in Hawaii, they are stopped by the fact their target is with his son. After returning to California they spend some time in a brothel, where a young Native American -looking woman, Magic Child, comes to hire them for a job at her house. Along the way they stop at a place to eat and during the meal hear loud gunshot-like noises. That night Magic Child sleeps with both men and Greer takes quite a liking to her. When they reach the house, in the middle of the western plains, it is surrounded by snow.

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June 1, The Hawkline Monster promo blurb: It is the beginning of the 20th century. A huge yellow house stands in a field of frost in the Dead Hills of East Oregon. In the basement of the house are The Chemicals. While their beloved giant butler lies dead and ignored on the front hall floor. Meanwhile, in the ice caves below the house, the Hawkline Monster laughs and roars.

In the early years of the 20th Century, a huge Victorian mansion stands isolated from the world in the Dead Hills of Eastern Oregon. It is home to Professor Hawkline, his beautiful daughters, and the secret laboratory that lies hidden in the basement deep beneath the house.

He has disappeared and the monster he has unwittingly created is loose somewhere in Hawkline Manor. So the Hawkline sisters send for professional killers to destroy the monster and rescue their father from oblivion. But even as the hired gunslingers plot its destruction, the Hawkline Monster howls and roars while its diabolic blend of mischief and evil takes hold. The Hawkline Monster was published in and had several attempts at adapting for film.

Brautigan wrote a screenplay which Ashby rejected. When asked to write a second draft, Brautigan turned him down. The film was never made.


The Hawkline Monster



Yorgos Lanthimos Will Direct THE HAWKLINE MONSTER


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The Hawkline Monster – A Gothic Western


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