Set up a job two weeks ago, we did the "zero all axises" routhne that should include the 4th axis. All fine, XYZ go to home like usual, and the 4th axis seems to inxex to zero. The G54 offset for the 4th was set to degrees at this point. My thought was, remember something quite a while back using a Mattsuura was that you should "zero" the offset for the A axis in the fixture offset when starting a new job and mounting a new fixture.

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But help is at hand. What is Rigid Tapping? Rigid tapping means the tap can remain rigid throughout the tapping cycle. It can be held in a chuck just like an endmill or a drill. The machine spindle locks in with the feedrate just like when you are screw cutting. You can buy tapping heads specially for this. They are no different to holding in a chuck but you get to use collets for holding the tap.

No need for expensive tension and compression tapping heads. You can control the depth of the thread very accurately. It is ok to re-tap the same hole if it needs to be deeper.

Peck Tapping of difficult materials is possible Yes there is such a thing. Quicker set-up times. Feed is the same as the tap pitch. Sorry you might not have it. Most modern machines do have Rigid Tapping as standard but the older the machine the less likely it is that you will have it. Sorry but you need to look in those boring manuals. T06 M06 M10 x 1. G80 On some Fanuc controls you will need M29 for rigid tapping. The spindle on command and the speed are optional.

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Haas Alarm: 120 LOW AIR PRESSURE

Product dimensions are available for every machine and rotary on this website. Rotary Type: Single-Head Rotary Single-Head Rotary Tables and Indexers are usually mounted to the right side of the table, with the rotary facing the centre of the machine. This is the basic setup we used to determine the fit of your rotary product. Image shown for mounting example purposes only.

SL-314-EE6 PDF

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