Voodooll It would destroy them all and leave no radiation behind, like a nuke, but better, leaves the land liveable. FM PDF ebook. Please send it in if you have not done so. Would love some other feedback so I can expand upon it.

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If faced with the circumstance of being infected, how would they react? To be a zombie or not to be, that is the question. After weighing the options, even if they seem farfetched, I would hands down want to experience the path of metamorphosis into a zombie.

There are many reasons for this conclusion, the two I will discuss are that zombies seem to have no restrictions and no reasoning capabilities. These can be viewed for their positives and negatives in any situation, however I see them as both being very appealing to me. It is very common in this day and age for movies and television shows to include the idea of a zombie or undead monster.

From as early as when I was in middle school, I formulated an idea in my mind as to how being a zombie would pan out. Starting with a game called Metal Slug 3, where your character could turn into a zombie, I loved playing as a zombie more then as a human. Movies, such as Shaun of the Dead, also portrayed being a zombie as less of an end of existence and more of a new beginning. Words: - Pages: 5 Zombie I will examine the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and the aging process.

The integumentary system is the largest organ in the body, it includes the skin, hair, nails, exocrine glands, sensory receptors, and the subcutaneous tissue. On average, the skin weighs about ten pounds and has an area of about 20 square feet. It serves as a barrier between the human body and the environment.

Some environmental dangers are chemicals, ultra violet light, and physical damage. The first layer of the skin is the epidermis which covers almost the entire body.

It is made up of squamous epithelial cells that are stacked up on one another. These cells produce and store keratin which makes it water resistant. Even though the epidermis is very thin it is made up of four layers. The innermost layer is the stratum germinativum, this is where mitosis takes place.

New cells are being produced constantly, while this is happening the older cells are being pushed toward the outer surface of the skin.

The new cells produce keratin, in the keratinocytes, and as they move away from the blood supply they die and shed off. Words: - Pages: 6 Zombie A zombie Haitian French: zombi, Haitian Creole: zonbi is a fictional undead being created through the reanimation of a human corpse. Zombies are most commonly found in horror and fantasy genre works. The term comes from Haitian folklore, where a zombie is a dead body reanimated through various methods, most commonly magic.

Modern depictions of zombies do not necessarily involve magic but often invoke science fictional methods such as radiation, mental diseases, viruses, scientific accidents, etc.

One of the first books to expose Western culture to the concept of the voodoo zombie was The Magic Island by W. Seabrook in This is the sensationalized account of a narrator who encounters voodoo cults in Haiti and their resurrected thralls.

Here zombies are depicted as mindless, unthinking henchmen under the spell of an evil magician. Zombies, often still Words: - Pages: 2 Zombie Marie Foraker Best Vehicle for surviving a zombie crisis Jeanette Burghardt September 21, The Jeep Wrangler is the best vehicle for surviving a zombie attack because the Wrangler can go off road and the vehicle is small. The Jeep Wrangler is easy for zombie swerving and getting around cars on the roads.

The Jeep Wrangler is also cheap, fun to drive and go-anywhere capability. This vehicle would be the perfect car for a zombie crisis. The Jeep Wrangler is the best car because this vehicle can go off road. Which means that this car can go through forest, rocks, snow mountains, mud and fields.

Having this advantage makes it easy so to zombie swerving on the roads. The jeep Wrangler can go 70 to 75 miles per hour on the road but the disadvantage to this vehicle is taking this car off the road can only do a speed of 40 to 45 miles per hour.

This car can seat about 5 people so means if there are any survivors I can take them. The Wrangler can be custom built. People can buy front-end bars to go cross the front, make the ground clearance higher and bigger tires for ground clearance. In conclusion the Jeep Wrangler is the best vehicle for surviving a zombie attack because the Wrangler can go off road and this vehicle is small.

The Jeep is also fin to drive, cheap and has an any-where capability. This vehicle would be the perfect vehicle for the zombie attack. This car can be custom built, people can buy certain things for the vehicle The director really took pride in this movie and in making these zombies come to life.

The language and the facial expressions that the character used in this film made it really funny and extremely amusing. I laughed a lot and saw gory things in both movies. There were moments in each film that did scare me but not enough to call it a horror film. And it had more moment that amused me as opposed to scare me. Words: - Pages: 3 Zombie The zombies of the movies are made for strictly entertainment purposes and are changed to fit a mold of the producer and writer.

The zombies are far fetched whereby; zombies suddenly appear and change humans into more zombies. On the other hand Del Guercio reveals, through Wade Davis, a real voodoo culture on the Isle of Haiti in which, zombies are made of everyday inhabitants for crimes against society and places fear in the average population to know that any member of your family can be placed in a state of zombification through a drug from the puffer fish.

The zombie is sold to the plantations of Haiti where, he moves throughout his day slow and lethargically performing his duties for his new plantation master. One of the most powerful poisons known to man", but the zombies of the "The New Dawn of the Dead" are bitten turning humans into a morphed humans that move very fast, with a huge hunger for human flesh, move in herds and these zombies have tons of energy without any cultural significance Words: - Pages: 3 Zombie Bank Zombie Bank The book presents an in-depth overview on what a zombie banks is, why they are allowed to operate, and why the approach will inevitably fail.

Through the use of exclusive reports from bank executives, regulators, politicians, and policymakers, Onaran takes the reader on a global tour of these banks—which are being kept alive in countries from the United States to Germany, Spain, and Japan. In Zombie Banks, the author has shown us the practice of zombie banking, explained why it does not work, and laid out the steps needed to rid the global financial community of these dangerous institutions.

Zombie bank started to appear in s with the huge declining of the price of real estate and stocks. It pulled every Japanese banks into huge bad debt situation. However, Japan refused to accept the suggestion from the US and took a way that government secretly support those bad debt banks instead of bankrupt. While covering the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns in , Onaran discovered that no one within those organizations had the complete picture of how the companies functioned and, therefore, no one had any answers.

Words: - Pages: 3 Zombie Apocalypse Ten Reasons to Hope for the Zombie Apocalypse 1. If the government shuts down, there will finally be a legitimate reason for it. Twerking will be a thing of the past one would hope. Stupid diets like Atkins, South Beach, and juice cleanses will immediately go out of style. Twigs for everyone! I hope I was able to brighten your day, now that you can add these to your list of reasons to anxiously await the zombie apocalypse.

Words: - Pages: 2 Zombie Apocolypse Initially, shelter must be established. A well concealed building, such as a prison, is an ideal shelter from zombies. It is large enough to accommodate a large body of survivors who are hopefully willing to join the fight against the army of the living dead.

Gates, fences, and large open areas surrounding the facility make it easier to locate and fend off any zombies that try to breach the perimeter. The solid structure of the building itself will help further deter intruders. Additionally and unquestionably, food and water are necessities whether zombies are seeking your flesh or not. In order to maintain proper health and nutrition while fighting the undead, food, water, and any other desired supplies will need to be collected and stored.

In the midst of the out breaking chaos sprung from the apocalypse, the necessary supplies can be looted from stores or other sources. A large stock of each item is recommended so that it may last an extended period of time. Acquiring such supplies is a dangerous yet essential task. A thorough plan of execution may come in handy to organize the quantity of each desired supply.

Though it may seem unethical and promptly illegal to loot and raid for your needs, survival requires determination. The pure drive to live through the zombie apocalypse Words: - Pages: 3 Zombie Lot Ni-lock niya ang pinto at binuksan ang ilaw.

B-bakit gusto n-nila t-tayong kainin? Natulog ulit ako. Di pa man ako nakakatayo sa aking kinahihigaan ay sunud-sunod na putok pa ang narinig ko. Tumingin ako ng mabilis sa bintana, pero agad rin akong napadapa ng makarinig na naman ako ng sunud-sunod na putok. Sunud-sunod na putukan pa ang narinig ko. Bumilis ang pagtibok ng puso ko siguro dahil na rin natatakot ako.

Maya-maya lang ay nakarinig ako ng ungol at pagkalabog sa aming pintuan na siyang dahilan ng pagkagulat ko. Tiningnan ko muna ito sa maliit na butas ng pinto para makasigurado. Isang nakanganga, dilaw ang mga mata, at tila wala sa sariling estranghero na nababalutan



June 18, Just 24 Hours! FM By now you should have received your second reward! FM is the most June 12, 7 Days Remain! Stay safe and happy hunting!



Zombies are known to have no fear, need no rest and have almost a sixth sense when it comes to detecting live mammals including humans. In order to prevent this threat from wiping out the human species, US forces must be continuously prepared to fight and win in counter-Zombie operations. The fundamentals of counter- Zombie operations will read very much like a cross between infantry, military police and NBC defense roles and soldiers, especially leaders, need to know the fundamentals by heart. Because the United States Army has never faced a Zombie in battle, one of the primary roles of the United States Army soldier in a time of counter-Zombie operations is to provide current and accurate information up the chain of command. All intelligence regarding Zombies weaknesses, strengths, nature of disease spread etc.


FM 999 3 Counter Zombie Operations at the Fireteam Level

Author: Lena Groeger Lena Groeger And when that day comes, the U. Soldiers can now add the FM Counter-Zombie Operations at the Fireteam Level to their arsenal — "the primary doctrinal reference on conducting fire team sized infantry operations in a Zombie infested environment in the United States. So how should our enlisted men and women fight the troves of Zombies who threaten to eradicate our species? Well, since every Zombie outbreak is slightly different, this guide is a handy how-to for dealing with unexpected developments. First, identifying these flesh-eating monsters. Unfortunately, only "qualified medical personnel" can identify Type A infections the weaker version that only starts the zombie-conversion process upon death.

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