Page 7 the mode the calculator is in, and current operation assignments are indicated by function menus that appear at the bottom of the display. Page 8 Chapter 1 Basic Operation 1. Keys I Key Table Page 1 Page Page Page Page Page , Page Page Page Page , Page Not all of the functions described above are available on all models covered by this manual. The functions marked on the keyboard are color coded to help you find the one you need quickly and easily.

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The function keys allow you to access the tab soft key menus that will come up at the bottom of the screen. When an Page 2 The following explains the meaning of each icon on the fxGII icon menu Menu ICON Description Name This icon menu is used for general computations, including absolute value, logs of any base, summation, derivatives, and integrals. This icon menu is used to perform single-variable standard deviation and paired Page 3 , to a mixed number, press LxX.

To change the answer to a decimal approximation, press x. Getting Started with the fxGII Page 5 7. Page 6 To quickly change your window, you can utilize the Replay arrows.

Specific changes can be made to the viewing window by selecting V-Win e. To analyze features of this graph roots, maximum and minimums, y-intercepts, intersections, determine coordinates, and integrals select G-Solve.

Page 7 y-calculation : What is the value of y when x is -5? Page 8 3. You can insert and delete rows in this view by pressing ROW. This is a quick way to custom make tables. Page 9 6. For this example, enter YI: 3x -2 and Y2: x then to view the differential number table. Page 10 2. From this screen you can display various statistical graphs depending on whether you have single or paired-variable data scatter-plot, line, normal probability, histogram, median box, mean box, normal distribution, broken line, and regression: linear, quadratic, cubic, quartic, logarithmic, exponential, power, sinusoidal and logistic.

Page 11 5. The following screen shots show one-variable calculations that can be obtained by pressing q.

To delete this set of data, press until you return to the initial List Editor screen. Select for more options, arrow up until List 1 is highlighted, select Del-A , then q. The solution to this system is 1,-1,2. Page 14 2, the c-value to 3 and press SOLV.

Page 16 2. For example, you can now examine the line of symmetry for this parabola as the equation of that line will be displayed.

You can continue to analyze different areas of this graph and the line of symmetry will still be displayed.


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