From aval various recipes can be made for breakfast as well as snacks. For most recipes listed below, you can use either of them. But if making potato poha or onion poha, then use the thick poha. Also apart from white poha, red or brown poha is also available in Indian markets. So you can use these too. The recipe list below covers recipes where aval is one of the main ingredients.

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It captures the very essence of Indian women, portraying her achievements and essaying her aspirations. Aval Vikatan awards commonly known as aval awards are the biggest honour given to most achieved women under many categories. Aval Vikatan Kitchen Yummy Awards.

Aval kitchen is a monthly magazine, focusing food, cuisine from Vikatan Group. Aval Vikatan Kitchen yummy awards were given based on various categories of food — like top chef, top restaurants, best trend setter in food, best street food, best biriyani, best non-veg restaurant, best veg restaurant, best dietician, best youtuber and so on. Since I have been blogging for about 5 years, I have been contributing recipes for Aval Vikatan since this January for their 30 recipes collection.

It was much prestigious and happiest moment for me when my recipes got published in Aval Vikatan, since I have been reading the magazine for more than two decades. Madraasi with her Backbone, love and energy More than a beautiful moment, I could even address it as a miracle moment, when I got to sit and chat with my all-time favourite Chellam Gopalakrishnan Aunty — who is crowned as Menu Rani Chellam.

My baking skills and other cuisines except Tamil Nadu, is dedicated to her. More about my craziness and experience with aunty would continue in forthcoming blogpost.

No festival comes without her cookery programs in most of the television channels. Most loveliest moment with Chellam aunty, Sarasus samayal aunty The usual family picture Very next was my all-time favourite Chef. Dhamodaran, commonly called as Chef. Dhamu, the first chef to get Doctorate in cooking. Like him the loads, the way he cooks like adding the ingredients and the way he shows the final stage and the way he narrates the recipe while cooking makes everyone who watch the cookery program to Drool.

My first cookbook after marriage, was his recipes and that was time when I carried almost 3 books of Chef Dhamu when I was in Malaysia, also it kept travelling with me to U. K and now still in my hands. My Biryani collections and food combo is purely dedicated to him. I got to see him very close by to me, but unfortunately could not chat or get blessing from him.

I would call it a Dream come true moment with my inspirations Chef. Dhamodaran and Chellam aunty. Most heart touching award to me is for the Best Youtuber — Arumugam Uncle who has a Youtube channel with millions of views and followers. It was totally a bliss to watch him on the stage. All the awards where much given to the hardest workers, whom deserve them purely.

Bloggers together Bloggers Crew Totally it was the Aval Vikatan Awards — Kitchen Yummy awards was is been and being more inspirational, encouraging and supportive award function.

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collection of 23 tasty aval recipes



Aval Vikatan Kitchen Yummy Awards




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