Mitaur But who are they? I sat beside Professor Rica Cainglet of the Department of Chemistry but I had to later transfer near the stage to hear better the exchange of lines of the character. Do you forgive us now, sir? E, going to cut all those lying tongues! Aba, this is not foolishness, animal in the forests.

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Have you been Bondying: Maaaammmaaa! Has our teacher arrived again! That skinny, dark man who looks front of the flagpole. Come… plenty of time to play! Kiko arrives, reading a book. Bondying: Maaammmaaaa! Kiko : Here we go again. Bodyok: Hey, you …. Come out of there. Bodyok : Revilla now comes in. Bodyok : Come over and play with us. Kiko: Oy, bodyok, you should be Basketball is such fun! Or else nobody will be able to answer the Bondying: Maaaammmaaaa!

Bodyok: Why are you so scared? Bodyok : Man to man … Bodyok versus Bondying : So many people. Bodyok: People?

Bondying: Only us? Bodyok: Bodyok on the double. Pass me the ball. NingNing: Yes, truly. Cross my heart. Kiko: Join us, NingNing. Bondying: Maaaaammmaaaa! Bondying: But who are they? NingNing: Yeheyyyy! Bodyok: People. Bondying : Maaaaaammmaaaa! Bondying: What kind of people? Ningning: Come, come with me, my dear bondying. Bodyok: You have go to there. Bondying: Will they order me to write Bondying: I want to stay right here. Bodyok: I told you to go right there! Kiko: No. Bondying: But why there?

Bondying: they might throw the eraser Bodyok: E, because… at me. Ningning: O, come now and join our game. Okay, the game continues. Bodyok, pass the ball the Bondying. Ningning: Come with me, my dear. Bodyok : Aaaaaand Guidaben enters the hard-court. He gets the ball… Bondying: Hoy, are you really nice like attempt.. Tuko: foul! What is the Kiko: My goodness, what is it this meaning of this rumble very early in time? Bondying: Why are they laughing?

Pufils: Good morninggg. Misterrrr Ningning: E, Because they are fond of Tukooooo. They would like you to be their Mr. Tuko: Gooood morningggg. Misterrr friend.

Say it Properly. Bondying: I must have said something Pupils: Gooood morninnng misterrrr wrong. Tuko: verrry goooddd, classs! Ningning: Sir.. Tuko: why are you hands so black? Do I have things over and over Are those the hands of a lady? Ningning: Sir, in had to wash the Kiko: Oh, no, no, sir. Tuko: Then you to change your bad Mr. You always had habits. Pupils: Yes, Mr.

Ningning: Yes, sir. Pupils: Yes Mr. Tuko, and yes mr. Tuko… my goooodnessss okey! Let us Mr. Tuko: Oh my God! What are these? Bodyok: These sir? These are dead Pupils: Today is Monday, Monday is fingernails. Tuko: Dead fingernails! Tuko: Again! Repeat the last two Bodyok: They where hit by a hammer.

Pupils: Everything is nice because of Mr. Tuko: Your like a creatures of a you. Children, remember, your hands reflect your personality. You Mr. Tuko: Thank you. Now I love my should always see to it that they are country. Now Everybody, show me your my Philippines. Pearl of the orient and teeth. My goodness, Bondying, what is paradise of the east. Tuko: What is your national Bondying: Particles, Sir. Tuko: You did not brush your teeth Pupils: Our national is Filipino.

Filipino again. It is like a poem. It is like a song. It is my Bondying: Ran of toothpaste, sir. Tuko: What a shame!

What will Mr. Tuko: And what is our national people say? It is the symbol of the Filipina. Very clean, Very white, very Mr. Tuko: Idiot! I said hygiene that fragrant like an innocent Filipina. My goodness. When will ever Mr. Tuko: and who is our national hero? Bondying: our national hero… is Sir…, please repeat. Bondying: Sir… Mr.



Samutilar Kiko did some research at the [Humabon]: Will it be hard? Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: Our national is Filipino. View all subjects More like this Similar Items. Bondying is just asking something about Shakespeare. Lessons do not work on you. The venue was too big for a presentation of this size. Bondying ask him to get my Mr.


Ang sistema ni Propesor Tuko




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