Arrange wiring and cables in compliance with the manual to prevent obstructions when driving. Cables or wiring that obstruct or hang up on places such as the steering wheel, gear lever, brake pedals, etc. Never cut away cable insulation to supply power to other equip- ment. Doing so will exceed the current carrying capac- ity of the wire and result in fire or electric shock. When drilling holes in the chassis for installa- tion, take precautions so as not to contact, damage or obstruct pipes, fuel lines, tanks or electrical wiring.

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You my want to try contacting Alpine for some tech support. It could be some sort of safe mode the amp is in. Some amps will give codes by how you described the light to be blinking. Sort of like a check engine light on a car. Many amplifiers will illuminate their protect LED during the mute delay when you initially power up the amplifier. After a short delay seconds , the protect LED will go off.

For those amplifiers this is normal. If you know how your amplifier behaves when the amp is in good working order, it will make troubleshooting much easier. For the most part, this page is for amplifiers that go into protect mode and remain in protect mode or go into protect mode when the amplifier is driven hard.

Many times, the protection indicator will blink to indicate the reason the amp is in protect mode. This is common on older Alpine amplifiers. Not all amps have a protection mode indicator. Some simply shut down and the power light will not illuminate when in protect mode. If the power light blinks then goes off, the amp is either going into protect mode or there is a bad connection in the power supply wiring.

Generally, the power light is green or blue and the protect light is red but on some amps, the protect light is green and the power light is red. Look at the silkscreen on the amplifier to confirm the function of the LEDs Some amplifiers have multiple protect lights. For example, some of the Sony amplifiers have lights for power, overcurrent and thermal protection.

The lights are always lit when the amp powers up but are normally green. When there is a fault, the LED changes from green to amber. Many amplifiers show protect when initially powered up mute delay and then switch to green.

This is especially true when the power supply has failed. There are a few amps some JL Audio that will go into protect and none of the indicators change. This happens when the voltage drops too low when the amp is being driven hard with an insufficient power supply.

Sometimes, a VERY brief drop in voltage too short to be seen on a standard multimeter will cause the amp to shut down for a short while. If your amp is working properly, pay attention the way the indicators light up when powering the amp up.


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ASME Y14.2M-1992 PDF

Alpine MRP-M350 Car Amplifier


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