His early studies of the ability of one species to separate or subdivide into daughter species speciation and of those populations that were established by a small number of founders founder populations made him one of the leaders in the development of the modern synthetic theory of evolution. The theory, an integration of the work of Charles Darwin natural selection and Gregor Mendel genetics , encompassed the biological processes of gene mutation and recombination, changes in the structure and function of chromosomes, reproductive isolation, and natural selection. Mayr presented his ideas in the seminal book Systematics and the Origin of Species Mayr continued his studies as the curator of the ornithological department at the American Museum of Natural History in New York —53 , where he wrote more than papers on avian taxonomy , including Birds of the Southwest Pacific He proposed in a definition of species that won wide acceptance in scientific circles and led to the discovery of a number of previously unknown species; by the time of his death, he had named some 25 new bird species and subspecies.

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Ashlock This text is intended for senior or postgraduate courses in systematics, particularly animal taxonomy. Practical suggestions for taxonomic practice are included and explanations of the basic concepts of taxonomy are emphasized as well as the definition of traditional terms used in taxonomy. The treatment of taxonomy is in two parts. Part A is devoted to microtaxonomy and Part B is devoted to macrotaxonomy.

There is a new chapter on the methods of numerical taxonomy, and an extensive treatment of the new approaches in taxonomy. Sales Rank: in Books Published on:


Principles of systematic zoology



Ernst Mayr


2SC3207 PDF

Principles of Systematic Zoology


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