January 31, by nvedaakendra Abstract Yajurveda is practical Manual containing many measures to get rid of sins. It says the chief measure is through worship which is form a sacrifice, Yajna.. For any worship purity and suddhi is required. This Veda gives mantras and suktas to fulfill that end. Suddhi is a putatva and brings eligibility to the worshipper. In this strain, the bath is regarded as the measure for bahya suddhi and later antah suddhi.

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It is also recited in daily ritual after Varuna is invoked into the holy pot. Reciting this Vedic hymn while taking bath brings immense Punyam, removes sin committed by knowingly or unknowingly accepting gifts from those who have sinned. A dedicated decent lifestyle, self-discipline, righteous path were given utmost importance in Vedic period.

Cruelty and Sins were taboo and the society was well structured based on ethics. Filthy tendencies were brushed aside by people. Gifts showered by sinned people were not accepted.

This hymn is named after Aghamarshana Rishi. O Varuna, being entreated by me, grant me the saving grace. For I have enjoyed what belongs to bad people and accepted gift from sinners. Salutations to fire hidden in water. Salutation to the deities of waters. Through the power of this mantra. From the all-illuminating Supreme, by His resolve, the right and the true were generated. From Him night and day were generated. And from Him again was generated the sea with different waters.

Then, after the creation of the vast ocean the year was generated. Afterwards the ruler of the world of sentient and non-sentient beings who made day and night ordained sun and moon, sky and earth and the atmosphere and blissful heaven, just as they were in the previous cycles of creation. That Supreme Light which projected Itself as the universe like a soaked seed which sprouts or that Supreme Light which shines as the substratum of the liquid element — I am that Supreme Light.

May this oblation be well made. I am the ground of sins. Therefore you cause me to weep. The Supreme represented as the ocean has over flown to the whole creation. He has created at first creatures according to the deserts of their various past deeds. He is the ruler of the universe and the munificent giver of gifts to the devotees. He is the Lord who delights the individual souls by guiding according to their deeds and conferring on them fruits of their actions.


Medha Sūktam

Varuna iconography at the 11th-century Rajarani Hindu temple. When you are kindled, you are Mitra. In you, O son of strength, all gods are centered. You are Indra to the mortal who brings oblation. You are Aryaman , when you are regarded as having the mysterious names of maidens, O Self-sustainer. Statue carved out of basalt , dates back to 8th century CE, discovered in Karnataka. On display at the Prince of Wales museum , Mumbai.







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