In , Friedrich von Mellenthin enlisted in the Reichsheer ; in he married Ingeborg von Aulock. He was assigned to the Prussian Military Academy in Between and June , Mellenthin held several general staff positions in the Army ; in June , Mellenthin was posted to North Africa, where he served as a staff officer in the Afrika Corps until September On 28 December, Mellenthin was given command of 9th Panzer Division , which was then engaged in the Battle of the Bulge.

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The book was a staple on professional military reading lists in NATO member states and was widely cited in academia for decades. Professional[ edit ] Panzer Battles has been extensively cited in military reading lists and professional studies since its release. David T. Zabecki called it a seminal and comprehensive work on mechanized combined arms warfare and said its lessons and principals were of immeasurable value to the post-Vietnam American military.

Combat Studies Institute , wrote in that Panzer Battles was among a series of post-war memoirs that filled an early vacuum of good English language studies of the Eastern Front, causing an undue influence in the Western understanding of that conflict. From those memoirs Wray identifies Panzer Battles as having serious issues of omission in regards to important qualifying data and contextual background. Academic[ edit ] Soon after its release, Dartmouth history professor Henry L.

Roberts, in a one-sentence "capsule review" in Foreign Affairs , called it an "excellent account", offering "interesting observations". He echoed the professional assessment of Col. Wray, pointing out that it was written without the benefit of either German or Soviet records and suffered from incomplete or incorrect interpretations of Soviet forces, dispositions and intentions.

Lind considered it excellent and full of valuable lessons, including it in his Maneuver Warfare Handbook basic reading list for students of armored warfare. Wolfram Wette who listed Mellenthin among German generals he considered to have authored apologetic, uncritical studies on World War II.

Davies characterize Panzer Battles as an "exculpatory memoir" within a post-war revisionist narrative. New York: Ballantine Books.


Panzer Battles: A Study of the Employment of Armor in the Second World War

Shelves: history-wwii Perhaps more like 2. Parts of the book are interesting, but far too much of it is simply a recitation of troop dispositions. There are numerous maps that assist in following the text, but I still felt at times it would be better to place tokens on a map. Very dry stuff. I felt the book improved when he went to Russia, or when he used extended quotes from some of his colleagues. There Perhaps more like 2. There are many battalions, divisions, and armies, but no soldiers.

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Book Review: Panzer Battles – F.W. von Mellenthin

The most interesting accounts deal with his service with Rommel in the desert, but it may well be that the most enlightening portions deal with his analysis of the latter days on the eastern front and the western front. The lessons that this veteran of armored combat teaches in this book are almost so obvious as to question the value of citing them here. However, since these insights were ignored to the peril of Allied and sometimes, Axis forces, I cite them here. First of all, over and over again, he cites his enemies tendency to throw armored units piecemeal against the concentrated forces of German armor. Before one is even 50 pages into the book, we read that de Gaulle did so with the 4th Armored Divison after the Sedan.

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