Rasika Khemka Malgudi days is a collection of 32 short funny and witty stories which is written by R K NarayananThe stories happen in Malgudi, an imaginary town located somewhere on the banks of Sarayu a river in South India.. You can trace it to any village in south India. The stories carry the scent and sounds of these villages and you instantly blend into the situations in the stories. Rather than revolving around a particular plot these stories wander off dreamily. Each of the stories describe the relationship between members in a family.

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The astrologer who is the protagonist of the story knows nothing about stars or astrology and never wanted to be an astrologer; he was forced into it by poverty. He is very intelligent and so crammed information from books, and guessed the rest with such confidence that people started to believe in what he was telling them. He runs into a man whom he believed he had killed many years previously but because he is dressed as an astrologer the man does not recognize him and he is able to make his escape.

The Missing Man Thannappa is a kindly mailmanwho is on good terms with the people he delivers mail to. One of his closer friends is Ramanujam, a man who works in the Revenue Department Office. After he retires, he finds a hobby, and turns out to have a talent for making miniature models out of sawdust and clay. Dr Raman does not believe that prayer can help a sick person but finds that when his medical skills and knowledge are not enough to save his friend, he has no choice but to pray. Sure enough, there is a miracle, and his friend recovers.

The Blind Dog A blind beggar catches a dog so that he can use him as a guide dog to guide him through the streets of the city. He is often mean to the dog, but the dog is extremely loyal and always comes back even after running away in fear.

Fellow Feeling A Tamil Brahmin named Rajam Iyer is traveling by train when he gets into an argument with one of his fellow passengers which quickly escalates into a fist fight.

Iswaran Iswerean is a boy who has failed his intermediate exams ten times. He is so happy when he finally passes! Unfortunately he drowns in the river almost immediately afterwards. Swami falsely accuses his teacher, Samuel, knowing that his accusations are false. His father is angry but teaches him to tell the truth, and to behave in a way that is more considerate to others. The Snake Song A musician has stopped playing the flute and tells his audience why he has done so.

Such Perfection A sculptor is so impressed with his most recent statue that he begins to worship it. Engine Trouble The Talkative Man appears again this time telling the story of the time he won a road engine in a lottery but is unable to make it work. The man names him Attila after Attila the Hun, hoping that a scary name will give people the impression that he is a scary dog. During the early years of independence, the Chairman of the Mulgadi Municipality wanted to remove the statue of Sir Frederick Lawley because he believed the man to have been a tyrant and did not want to commemorate him.

He cannot find anyone who can remove the statue for less than fifty thousand which of course the Municipality cannot afford to pay, so he offers it to the Talkative Man, whom he knows because he is a newspaper correspondent. The catch is that he has to remove it himself.

The Talkative Man does so and takes the statue home; later, though, it turns out that although there was indeed a tyrannical Lawley, there was also a very nice one who improved conditions for the community, and when the public learned of this they wanted the statue back. The Chairman forces him to do so because it is an election year and he wants to keep his seat. The Trail of the Green Blazer A pickpocket makes a career out of stealing things, but one day he is struck by a sudden and out of character attack of remorse.

He steals something out of the pocket of a green blazer but when he goes to put it back, he is caught. Update this section!


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Malgudi Days Summary


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