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This report is based on the information sent to the Commission in compliance with article 2 1 of the Directive, under which the Member States must inform the Commission of their national implementing provisions, either by legislation or collective agreements. The Commission also sent to the Member States a short questionnaire on parental leave, the answers to which complemented the information previously sent.

The Commission has also consulted social partners and the network of independent legal experts on equality. It should be noted that the information sent to the Commission varied considerably in terms of content and detail.

The content of this report is correct as at November It is clear that employees in the public sector are covered. Greece is now planning to extend parental leave to maritime workers and judges. All Member States provide parental leave for both natural and adopted children. The Commission has initiated infringement proceedings against Luxembourg.

The Commission considers that this is incompatible with the Directive and has commenced infringement proceedings. Clause 2 2 of the Framework Agreement on Parental Leave provides that, to promote equal opportunities and equal treatment between men and women, and to encourage fathers to assume an equal share of family responsibilities, the right to parental leave should, in principle, be granted on a non-transferable basis.

Further, in the United Kingdom, legislation provides for a transfer of parental leave in circumstances that may be, but as yet are not, specified in legislation. In Germany, each parent has an entitlement of three years, up to the third birthday of the child.

Parents who decide to take full-time parental leave to have one parent taking the whole period and the other working the whole time are not prevented from doing so. However, if parents decide to take part-time leave, both have to take some leave in order to use the full entitlement. Full-time parental leave is thus in fact transferable.

Parents will not lose any leave if the mother takes up all the leave herself. Details for Austria: Fathers of children born before In this case, their parental leave may end prematurely, and the employer is entitled to require he resume work immediately [5] similar provisions apply to the public sector [6].


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Prehistoric vessel from Ciempozuelos , exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum of Spain in Madrid The territory of the Community of Madrid has been populated since the Lower Paleolithic , mainly in the valleys between the rivers of Manzanares , Jarama , and Henares , where several archaeological findings have been made. Some notable discoveries of the region the bell-shaped vase of Ciempozuelos between and BCE. It was crossed by two important Roman roads, the via xxiv-xxix joining Astorga to laminium and via xxv which joined Emerita Augusta and Caesaraugusta , and contained some important conurbations. During the period of the Visigothic Kingdom , the region lost its importance. The population was scattered amongst several small towns.


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