Overnight Pirith ceremony held at our residence on 03 Nov. It is around 7 hours long and good to listen it overnight. Your browser does not support the audio element. The recording quality is poor, but I tried my best to filter it and make it of better quality.

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Of these paritta, one of the best known is the Ratana Sutta Sn 2. This precious jewel is the Buddha. By this asseveration of the truth may there be happiness. Examples of this type of paritta verse can be seen in the Candima Sutta SN 2. In these two scriptures, the deities Canda and Surya protect themselves from the attack of the eclipse deity Rahu by reciting short verses praising the Buddha and pleading for his protection: "O Buddha, the Hero, thou art wholly free from all evil.

My adoration to thee. I have fallen into distress. Be thou my refuge. This type of paritta can be seen in the Angulimala Sutta, the story of the murderer-turned-monk Angulimala. On passing a pregnant woman experiencing a difficult labor, Angulimala is moved to provide assistance. Asking the Buddha how he can help, the Buddha tells him to provide a sort of blessing to the woman by reciting a short verse proclaiming his own virtue: Sister, since I was born in the noble birth, I do not recall intentionally killing a living being.

Through this truth may there be wellbeing for you, wellbeing for your fetus. However, when they are ill, it is easier for them to listen to what others recite, and thus focus their minds on the dhamma that the suttas contain, rather than think of the dhamma by themselves. There are occasions, as in the case of illness, which weaken the mind in the case of worldlings , when hetero-suggestion has been found to be more effective than autosuggestion.

In Thailand, paritta texts are printed on small pieces of cloth containing images of the Buddha or famous monks. Similar text- often in the Khom script- is sometimes incorporated into tattoos believed to have protective powers, known as Sak Yant. Collections Edit Paritta discourses are widely used and known, even if not necessarily understood, throughout the Theravada Buddhist world.

Popular collections of paritta verses are among the most widely known Pali texts in many Theravada countries. Translations of Paritta texts have not proven to be particularly popular- they are often little easier to understand than the Pali texts themselves, and in popular belief it is not necessary to understand the recitation for it to be effective.

It has also been referred to as "The Buddhist Bible.


Pirith Gatha and Seth Kawi



Infinitesimal Drop of Lord Buddha’s Teachings “PIRITH”


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