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This thoroughly updated edition includes expanded coverage of animation, interactive graphics, and scripting SVG. Interactive examples online make it easy for you to experiment with SVG features in your web browser. Geared toward experienced designers, this book also includes appendices that explain basic concepts such as XML markup and CSS styling, so even if you have no web design experience, you can start learning SVG.

Create and style graphics to match your web design in a way that looks great when printed or displayed on high-resolution screens Make your charts and decorative headings accessible to search engines and assistive technologies Add artistic effects to your graphics, text, and photographs using SVG masks, filters, and transformations Animate graphics with SVG markup, or add interactivity with CSS and JavaScript Create SVG from existing vector data or XML data, using programming languages and XSLT Read more Collapse About the author J.

David Eisenberg is a programmer and instructor living in San Jose, California. David has a talent for teaching and explaining. David has written articles for xml. His on-line courses provide introductory tutorials for Korean, Modern Greek, and Russian. David has also been developing education software since , when he worked with the Modern Foreign Language project at the University of Illinois to develop computer-assisted instruction on the PLATO system. He co-authored several of the in-box tutorials shipped with the venerable Apple II computer.

When not programming, David enjoys digital photography, reading science fiction, and riding his bicycle. Amelia Bellamy-Royds is a freelance writer specializing in scientific and technical communication.

She helps promote web standards and design through participation in online communities such as Web Platform Docs, Stack Exchange and Codepen. Her interest in SVG stems from work in data visualization, and builds upon the programming fundamentals she learned while earning a B. A policy research job for the Canadian Library of Parliament convinced her that she was more interested in discussing the big-picture applications of scientific research than doing the laboratory work herself, leading to graduate studies in journalism.

She currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Read more.

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