Enter and Store The suHlx, however, is assigned sequentially and is unique to each instrument. The SA reading should be within the test limits listed in Tableverifying its 1-volt maunal scale accuracy with High Resolution on. The error equation becomes: Guarding Information The formula for calculating normal-mode rejection NMR is: Be sure to wire rear panel guard connections yourself, if- using the rear panel input terminals. Since the only difference between manua 1 V dc and.

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Derive 6-monih test limits from Ohms Accuracy specifications listed in Table This is accomplished by measuring the offset and gain errors and mathematically correcting for them. An integrat- ing amplifier U4 is used to maintain a dc level of 0 V dc at the output q the Converter Amplifier. Range Selection Keys — permit selection of ranges as follows: Dangerous voltages, capable of causing death, ore present in this instrument Use manuxl trome caution whoa handling, testing, end adjusting.

During the warranty period, Hewlett-Packard Company will, at its option, either repair or replace products which prove to be defective. The squaring amplifier is a log amplifier circuit which takes the manul of the input voltage, or in this case since there are two transistors Q9 A and QUA in the feedback loop, takes twice the log of the input voltage.

This time may also vary from instrument to instrument. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. Outguard Troubleshooting Manal 8 8-A Other offers may also be available. When the Sample Rate buttons are pressed, kanual display rate of the reading are changed. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. The balance of the reading is handshaken out. Identify parts by their Hewlett-Packard part numbers.

Reconnect the clip lead across the 1 megohm resistor. Field Office locations are listed at the back of the manual.

The converter amplifier uses a dual FET input stage to maintain a high input impedance. The following is an example of a data message output by the A: Ohmmeter Accuracy Test Reconnect the msnual lead across the I megohm resistor. Set the AC Calibrator for an output of 1 V, 10 khz.

It is possible for capacitors inside the instrument to manula be charged even if the instrument has been discon- connected from its power sources. DC-CMR 1 1 0. There are 1 items available. Typical manufacturer of the part in a five-digit code. Syntax of the ad- dress command portion of the data message is depen- dent upon the controller being used.

Refer to Table for accuracy specification of each ac mode. Release the Standard Cell a. For rated measurement accuracy, the SA should be allowed to warm up for at least one hour. Various examples using the scale mode are as follows: After the first measurement cycle is completed, mnaual delayed trigger will iniate a second measurement cycle. The multi- meter is shipped with the line voltage and fuse selected for V ac operation.

The algebraic sum should be within the test Limits given in Tableverifying the 34S5A 2-wire ohms accuracy. Disconnect the 1 kilohm Standard Resistor and connect the K aa resistor using the same 4- wire ohm measurement configuration. Minimum monthly payments are required. Alternating or direct current power line. That is, the number being displayed may be stored in either the Y or Z register independently of the register selected by the ENTER keys.

Included with this manual is an Operating information supplement. Backdating changes are denoted by a delta sign. TOP Related Posts.



The gallery at the bottom contains all of the images for this part. The more interesting ones are posted with extra commentary. NOTE: No electronics were harmed during this teardown. Precautions were taken to avoid ESD and the other popular ways to kill stuff. After reassembly the meter is working just as well as it did before. I did cut my finger though.


HP3455A teardown – part 1 – calibration module and the backside

Takazahn Set the 34S5A controls as follows: In order to get accurate ac readings especially with high voltage inputs high frequenciesthe low in- put terminal front and rear should be connected to the guard terminal front and rear. DC Zero Adjustments This is done by setting the instrument to the desired mankal and short the input leads at the measuring point. Donate By any small donation you may help me create and publish more useful stuff! Record the A reading; V. It should be free of mars and scratches and in perfect electrical order.


HP 3455A Manuals & User Guides


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