Episode 14 - Shiv Narayan temple Uday: Madam, are you ready? Me: Yes. How far is the temple Uday? We both tried to act normally towards each other. I had taken my medicines and had worn the pad and was ready to move on.

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Moogunris One day, I was told that I could clean his room. But at some point, I realised that just looking after myself was not enough. They would suffer, suffer horribly. Pande-ji was wearing a white dhoti and white shirt. As he made the slightest moves, his erect tool was almost dancing and making me milknig a beat. I noticed that my white bra strap was visible by the side of the left cup of my blouse. Madam, are you not feeling okay sitting on the khatiya?

This includes their beliefs, peer pressure, fear or even confusion. Skip to main content. Let me soap him properly. I had to gulp that provocative comment from the man and since the khatiya was low down and as I tried to get up seeing Pande-ji coming up with a bed sheet, my kilking slipped. I was really not very eager now to go to the temple, but to spend time with Uday, but my man seemed reluctant and was heading towards ShivNarayan temple.

Rupa dwells in the next hut Madam. Chotu saved me and as he was ready now we were on our way again to the main temple building. The books were in essence similar to most spiritual books — they revolved around expressing love, finding happiness and contentment. The cool shade was a welcome site for me with the small hut and a tree and two cows tied there. My guduji could not concentrate anywhere else but on the open gruuji dick of this young boy.

He was clean shaven today and was looking handsome too. Come on Chotu, why are you feeling shame in front of Madam? His lund was standing like a banana in the air as he started pouring gurui on him.

During one such occasion, he was there in the room. Chotu went off and I followed Pande-ji on his way more inside the temple area. We walked through the field to access the main road to avail the bus. Sexual activities with the leader are interpreted and rationalized as spiritually beneficial. I noticed that the tap was just few feet away from me and Chotu prepared to take the bath there. The realisation As the years passed, Veena also realised how the cult was fueled solely by its greed.

I had all the reasons to be happy. How far is the temple Uday? Pande-ji paused a little. I can understand Madam. He had thick beard and I noticed he had lots of hair on his arms and seeing that concluded he must be having a hairy body.

He was a teenager years. I was more than abashed seeing him, as I knew what he saw and more importantly what I did. Madam, you go for the puja now and in the afternoon though Guru-ji has asked you to go to Mukteswari Temple, I will not take you there. This book was an eye-opener for Veena as it helped her to understand why a rational person like her would join a cult.

Little did she know then that this yearning would drag her down a dark path, one from which she is still struggling to recover. Results for : breastfeeding guruji milking compilation You are an absolute duffer.

Pande-ji went up to Chotu and started rubbing his body with the soap. Exploitation Going against the guru is the greatest of sins, they were told. She also filed a complaint with the police and the case in underway in court. Pande-ji was now milking a cow with a tumbler in between his knees. Uday today was protecting me in the true sense.

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Guruji Ki treatment

Episode 12 - contd 2 Mishra-ji: You keep calm beti, I will pull up your sari and get out Moti. I was in a very poor shape in front of two males now and was more or less struggling to sit properly on the auto rickshaw seat, almost wriggling my body in ecstasy by the acts of this naughty dog. Mishra-ji bent a little and started pulling my sari off my legs upwards along with my petticoat. Uday seeing my condition held my hand with his left hand and embraced his right hand around me over the seat top.



Nat Come on Chotu, why are you feeling shame in front of Madam? The Bhagavatham and other revered Hindu scriptures were constantly quoted to her. How a network of institutions shielded rape accused Catholic priest and helpers. One day, I was told that I could clean his room. As the bus traveled, I felt his muscular body was so secure to lean on and of course as I leant my heavy buttocks was directly pressing on his crotch.

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