Now, since knives is an old hobby of mine I read this book a couple of weeks ago. This means from back to up to recently. Finally, it ends up with some safety information that most people are already aware of. Selecting Your Throwing Knife If you have ever played with knife throwing this is a question that quickly comes to mind. Here, the author attempts to identify your needs and help you select the right knife for the task you want to perform.

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Thank you to Collector Maurice Roberts for the photos. Designed by Paul W. Ehlers and handmade by Gil Hibben It is hard to tell by the photos, but, there was a red light in in the knife stand that made it look like "Fire" under the blade and there is a Crystal in the Pommel that represented "Ice" It was a one of a kind. Can you tell Gil is a proud Corgi dad? Hibben Knives made under license from us by United Cutlery in ! One of my favorite photos of this set. Hard to beleive they were offered 25 years ago!

Variety is the spice of life Miniature knives made by Gil Hibben years ago. Miniatures are actually just as hard or harder to make than full size knives! Imagine trying to grind and buff something that little with big hands holding onto the blade!! Gil no longer makes miniatures. Thanks to Maurice Roberts for sharing this photo! Hand Made by Gil Hibben in Part one was shared last week. Damascus "Iron Mistress" finished. Now all it needs is a sheath and some scrimshaw. What do you think about this one??

Funny this popped up, because Gil just finished making another one like this and it was sent to a collector in California last week!! Busy around here as usual!! Yes, he has daddy under control!! I know an old knife maker with a happy heart!!!

Coco Bolo and Ivory handle, c stainless blade. It was a very cool throwing star, unfortunately, it was illegal in several states and never really survived Both have split "legs" so there are 8 legs just like a spider!

Photos by Jim Weyer. Stallone bought the original "Golden Widow", he sold it in his auction a few years ago Well, here it is!!! Gil made this humongous Bowie in and it paid for the hospital bill when our son Derek Hibben was born.

We had no health insurance back then and the knife was ordered by Al Wachoviak for his award winning collection of gigantic knives called " Bodacious Blades".

Al passed away many years ago and this Christmas season we were able to contact the new owner and arrange to get it back into our own family collection. Pictured with Gil is Thomas Mclennan aka "Mac the Knife" who picked up the monster Bowie for us in Chicago and drove it to us in person!! Way to go Tom!! What do you all think of this monster??

I do not know how Gil ground that blade!! Gil Hibben one-of-a-kind Elmer Keith Knife. Only one to be made like this! Stainless fittings and handmade hand tooled sheath by Derek Hibben. We wish you ALL a very healthy, happy, and prosperous filled with peace, love, and new adventures!


Hibben Fixed Blade Knives, Throwers & Collector's Knives



Gil Hibben - The Complete Knife Throwing Guide


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The Complete Knife Throwing Guide by Gil Hibben


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