The year-old was taken from the Federal Court in Adelaide by Australian Federal Police today after losing his appeal against his conviction for contempt of court. The Full Court of the Federal Court also ruled that his jail term, originally imposed in May this year, was in no way excessive. The judges said Toben also had a disregard for the orders of the court and had acted to undermine the authority of the court. Earlier this year, Toben was found guilty on 24 counts of contempt for ignoring a previous court order preventing him from publishing racist material on the Adelaide Institute website. When he later imposed a three-month sentence, Justice Bruce Lander said Toben had continued to breach those orders, which prevented him from publishing specific anti-Semitic material. The orders stemmed from a racial discrimination case brought against him by Jeremy Jones, a former president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.

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Activities[ edit ] Supporters of the Institute have in the past been active in organisations such as Australians For Free Speech, which held a rally in The Institute has also been implicated in distributing Holocaust denialist material through mainstream and alternative publications. Letters to the editor and talk radio appear to be the favourite means of disseminating the worldview of the Institute. The activity of the Institute appears to have declined since its initial burst of activity in the mids.

The Institute does however still maintain a website on which statements on various issues are posted from time to time. Kerry Bolton , [12] a New Zealand political activist [13] [14] who published many books promoting an extreme neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic viewpoint. He is widely cited as holding nationalist views and was involved in several nationalist and fascist political groups in New Zealand. In July a Swiss court sentenced him to 15 months imprisonment, and to pay a large fine, because of his denial writings.

Ingrid Rimland , a Canadian Holocaust denier, whose writings are regarded in Canada as hate material. Germar Rudolf , German Holocaust denier. Peter Hartung , the current director of the Adelaide Institute.


Adelaide Institute

He had just met with Mannheim chief prosecutor Hans-Heiko Klein and criminal investigation bureau chief Mohr. He is to be sentenced today Friday, 9th April, Geoffrey Muirden, assistant director of the Institute, requests all Website visitors to protest to their local German consulates and embassies by phone, e-mail and letter, and demand the release of this Australian researcher. In a statement issued on April 9 Mr Muirden said: "Adelaide Institute regards this this as a case of entrapment. He was thrown into jail after a private conversation with Public Prosecutor Klein. After being invited to return for a further conversation, he was arrested by State Security Police Superintendant Mohr. This is a violation of free speech on the Internet and an assault on his rights as an Australian citizen.


Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben wins German extradition fight

A German-born Australian citizen, Fredrick Toben, was arrested as he passed through Heathrow by British police acting under an EU arrest warrant issued by the German authorities. The Germans have accused him of publishing antisemitic Holocaust-denial material on his Australian website. The train tracks at Birkenau. Such lies are used to whip up hatred against the Jewish people by effectively accusing them of fabricating claims of genocide. Holocaust-denial is, indeed, a modern form of Jew-hatred. But, through gritted teeth, I have to say that I am totally against the extradition of this man and appalled at the political and legal developments that have brought these moves about. There are two fundamental issues at stake here.


Gerald Fredrick Töben

JoJogar It also maintains an information-packed Internet web site http: Toben admitted that as the purpose of the action, and the action was dismissed. Speaking is a crime? Robert Faurisson 87 vor Gericht am Archived from the original on 2 April It can only be because they are afraid of the truth. Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. Ploy for Future Sabotage?

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