The Loop Games Do you like this video? Autochthon, the Great Maker, is a Primordial in Exalted. He embodies the ideas of order, technology and science. His physical form contains the otherworldly realm of Autochthonia , which is home to his servants and worshippers the Autochthonians as well his his Exalted agents, the Alchemicals.

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Published on May 2, ; pages. Review total: 0. Noone seems to have actually noticed this is out S - Wow. But I do ramble, obviously. Chapter One is 39 pages long, and does a pretty good job of expanding the world mentioned in Time of Tumult, describing hazards, society, and how the machine-god-world is set up and functions, along with much appreciated detail on the society living inside him.

Chapter Two is 27 pages long, and combines character creation and traits, which I think is a good idea, it makes them both easier to find and they often need to reference each other as well.

That said, many of the close-combat charms actually have general utility in all combat situations, and some even are handy outside of it.

Everything else is still represented, and everything works. Submodules are fun too, which are little mini-additions to charms, and the Array combo method is new, interesting, thematically appropriate and has good advantages and drawbacks.

Chapter Four is 51 pages long, and details all of the Stuff that you might find interesting in autochthonia Chapters Five, Six and Seven take up the rest of the book, and each of them is a long, in-depth suggestion of one possible way of introducing, using, and generally integrating Autochthon and the Autochthonians.

The Quest for the Source is more for travelling adventurer type groups, with basically no city-destroying army combat in focus, but a quest for the infamous Eye which is given a little more detail.

All in all, a very good book, and well worth what I paid for it unlike some of the castebooks and such. Rambling by Falcon I really liked this book too, with maybe a few caveats. The sweet frisbees of death that have a martial arts style of their very own! So I can make it up myself! Caveat 1: Alchemical charms are godly-powerful.

Caveat 2: Some of it is very obviously in there so people can say "I want to be insert name of robot or cyborg here. The world changes hugely and it strikes me that the Second Age should probably be a bit longer - like, long enough for your PCs to reach Essence 6, at least. Anyway, these are all personal problems easily circumvented. So yeah, I like the Alchemicals book. Primarily for the inside-Autothctetchasketchothon adventuring, but they make pretty rocking antagonists for fleshy Exalts too.

Oh, yeah. Caveat 4: I hate trying to spell Autoc I rate this product: Arboreal Yeddim out of







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