Open the catalog to page 2. Available as reel, cut lengths or assemblies. Depending on elaflez operation conditions you choose the right ERV-type i. Suitable for all aviation Delivery times that meet your expectations.

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Open the catalog to page 2. Available as reel, cut lengths or assemblies. Depending on elaflez operation conditions you choose the right ERV-type i. Suitable for all aviation Delivery times that meet your expectations. Our ClaimState of the art quality engineering,for the benefit of the customer. Also two different flange types on one compensator are possible.

Assembly for Ferrule Type Hose Fittings — catapogue ERV are distinguished by a large axial, lateral and angular range of allowable movement, low reaction forces and low inherent resistance. Hose CouplingsSafe and secure connections. TW coupling nut with bent lever — Information 7. ECoupling nut made of stainlesssteel with improved wearcharacteristics. The data collected shall and is only epaflex be used internally for internal purposes We guarantee to use your data only for internal reasons and treat them carefully regarding the privacy rules of the Elaglex laws BDSG and TDDSG.

In the event of pull-away accidents, MannTek Safety Break Couplings protect against high environmental and equipment damage. Tradition is no added value. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Excellent resistance against weathering, ageing and ozone.

Alternatively, for an easy and quick choice: Flange Choice — page Attacchi per autobotti e raccordi per cisterneA norma — sicuri — di lunga durata. Section 4: Rubber Expansion Joints Delivery times that meet your expectations. Several hundred kilometers of hose and several hundred thousand couplings and components such as expansion Fire resistant up to 30min. Quality hoses are proven to reduce service costs and improve userfriendliness. Hoses and nozzles are the most used and abused componentson a catalogu.

Mit drehbaren Flanschen diverse Typen und Materialien. For questions, please contact the ERV sales team. Open the catalog to page Pour eau, eau potable, eaude refroidissement, eau de catalogus For tankers and industrial applications LPG 16 Autogas Hose — page ERV are used to absorb tensions caused by temperature changes thermal expansionand equalize structural settling such as basement subsiding or ground movements.

Our Specialty We combine competence and innovation. Suitable for gasoline, diesel and fuel oil. For propane, butane and other L. Suitable for strain with aggressive media. For product information, resistance charts and catalogue pages please click www. With MannTek Dry Disconnect Couplings you can couple the wet hose system under pressure — quickly, safely and without product loss.

Please take advantage of the experience of our sales team. Chart to dertermine the hose diameter — page Slimline hoses are suitable for gasoline andDiesel fuels, with ethanol content up to E85and Biodiesel content up to B You did not reach us? For the choice of flanges a great variety of combinations concerning geometrie, materials and coatings is available.

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Products: ELAFLEX Catalogue

Chemical Resistance Chart Hoses To optimize the print of this chart you should activate the print of background-colors and -images. The chemical resistance data detailed in this chart is obtained from laboratory tests of the lining material, operational experience, technical literature as well as comparing the media with similar properties. All data is valid for the lining of the respective hose type based on uncontaminated media being in contact with the lining. If the information is insufficient for the operator, individual tests can be arranged. The information refers only to the chemical resistance of the lining and not necessarily to the general suitability of the respective hose type i. The chart advises the maximum permissible temperature of the medium that the hose is capable of operating for permanent use max. Depending upon dynamic working stress, medium purity, frequency of media change and temperature the resistance data of the lining material may vary.


Safety in your Hand.


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