Start your review of El ojo de Raven Raven 1 Write a review Shelves: historical-fiction , vikings As if conjured from the spirit world, a dragon emerged, a wooden beast with a belly of clinkered strakes, which flowed up into its slender neck. The monsters head was set with faded red eyes, and I wanted to run but I was stuck to the rock like the limpets, fixed by the stare of a great bearded warrior who stood with one arm around the monsters neck. Guttural voices echoed off the rocks behind me and my bowels melted. Historians agree the first raids by Northmen began in AD and continued relentlessly until that famous date in English history,

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Vikings raiding the England that was Wessex in the early middle ages. Some pretty darn good battle scenes with good ole fashioned shieldwalls, battle axes, and the likes. I appreciate how Kristian lets the reader get to know various members of the Viking gang This lets you see the brotherhood that must have existed between the Scandinavians as they spent months and even years away from their homeland and families. Looking forward to closing out the trilogy with Raven and Jarl Sigurd.

A truly unique book A slow starting book with lots of characters to get used to very quickly The first three chapters are slow and it takes time to come to life BUT when the Vikings make land for the second time with Redeye it comes to life, with fast action and fight scenes all in the way of gaining a rapport with the Wolfpack and why they have taken the dangerous journey from Norway to the shores of England.

Although more and more characters become prominent the story revolves around Redeye gaining his Norse name RAVEN and finding his feet and place amongst these extraordinary fighting beasts from over the sea.

The fighting scenes are epic and are fast paced, moving from page to page that they blur by. The dialogue between the Jarl and Raven are intense and enthralling with Raven as the story goes on becomes a naturally born leader and the respect shown by the other characters towards him changes three or four times throughout but still moving at a breath taking speed.

The end leaves you purring for more and I cant wait to read the second instalment in this epic and exhilarating adventure series written by a truely wonderful writer


El Ojo de Raven



El Ojo De Raven (2000)


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