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ABSTRACT TITLE: "The structural design and its contribution in contemporary architecture" The present study aims to identify and evaluate the different parameters and relevant attitudes that currently intervene in the collaboration between engineers and architects in the development of the projects, highlighting and analyzing in detail the contribution of structural design in contemporary architecture. The contrast, the origin of the fractured, shapeless and angular forms that characterize the architecture of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries is not due to the appearance of new materials, but to the extraordinary technological development of the auxiliary techniques of design and execution, to the deepening of the structural understanding and the improvement of the properties of the known structural materials, as well as to the lower weight that the economic factors currently have in the project.

This new architectural context has radically modified the parameters that govern the role of the structure in the project and the relationship between engineers and architects, raising the question of whether engineers can and should adopt a creatively active position, proposing new ways of contributing to the structural design that allow guiding the new formal freedom acquired by architects. The current technical and constructive possibilities make it unnecessary to unify and establish structural orders, which has led to a process of distortion of the classical architectural order and traditional structural systems.

Thus, the altered structures find in these distortions the resource with which to surprise and intentionally provoke the viewer, defining infrequent systems and puzzling spaces that do not leave him in any way indifferent.

On the other hand, there has recently been an interest in architecture for the return of the structure to the skin of the building, identifying again these two elements, a resistant structure and an exterior skin, that the modern movement had dissociated. Finally, the contribution and development of the compositional and formal potential of the structure in contemporary architecture imply a certain way of working and an approach to the design process, based on collaboration and complementarity in the work systems and in the evolutionary conception and integrator of the design processes.

Key words: structural design, contemporary architecture, structural systems, engineers and architects. Este trabajo es llevado adelante por ingenieros estructurales. El arquitecto Angus J. Se encuentra en constante antagonismo con la arquitectura anterior al siglo XX. Los arquitectos modernos basan su trabajo en las tendencias del arte moderno como el cubismo, expresionismo, neoplasticismo y el futurismo.

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