Nordhaus, [5] who co-founded the Sandia Peak Tramway. He has been a member of the faculty at Yale since , in both the Economics department and the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies , [13] [12] and has also served as its Provost from — and its Vice President for Finance and Administration from — He has been on the Brookings Panel on Economic Activity since During the Carter administration, from —, Nordhaus was a member of the Council of Economic Advisers. One of his early works, he partnered with Paul Samuelson as a co-author for an introductory textbook entitled Economics.

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He then studied at the University of Chicago and received his Bachelor of Arts degree there in He said he was born as an economist, at 8. He won the David A. Wells prize in for writing the best doctoral dissertation at Harvard University in economics, for a thesis titled "Foundations of Analytical Economics", which later turned into Foundations of Economic Analysis. Samuelson moved to MIT as an assistant professor in and remained there until his death. Member of the Radiation Laboratory — Professor of international economic relations part-time at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Vernon F.

Death[ edit ] Samuelson died after a brief illness on December 13, , at the age of Poterba , an economics professor at MIT and the president of the National Bureau of Economic Research , commented that Samuelson "leaves an immense legacy, as a researcher and a teacher, as one of the giants on whose shoulders every contemporary economist stands".

Rather than postulate a utility function or a preference ordering, Samuelson imposed conditions directly on the choices made by individuals — their preferences as revealed by their choices. Capital theory , where he is known for consumption loans model and a variety of turnpike theorems and involved in Cambridge capital controversy. Finance theory, in which he is known for the efficient-market hypothesis.

Public finance theory, in which he is particularly known for his work on determining the optimal allocation of resources in the presence of both public goods and private goods. International economics , where he influenced the development of two important international trade models: the Balassa—Samuelson effect , and the Heckscher—Ohlin model with the Stolper—Samuelson theorem.

Market economics : Samuelson believed unregulated markets have drawbacks, he stated, "free markets do not stabilise themselves. Zero regulating is vastly suboptimal to rational regulating. Libertarianism is its own worst enemy! It is paranoid to warn against inevitable slippery slopes In awarding him the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences the committee stated: More than any other contemporary economist, Samuelson has helped to raise the general analytical and methodological level in economic science.

He has simply rewritten considerable parts of economic theory. He has also shown the fundamental unity of both the problems and analytical techniques in economics, partly by a systematic application of the methodology of maximization for a broad set of problems. He was also essential in creating the neoclassical synthesis , which ostensibly incorporated Keynesian and neoclassical principles and still dominates current mainstream economics.

That is an understatement. Wall Street indexes predicted nine out of the last five recessions! And its mistakes were beauties. It is derived from his doctoral dissertation, and was inspired by the classical thermodynamic methods. The book showed how these goals could be parsimoniously and fruitfully achieved, using the language of the mathematics applied to diverse subfields of economics. The book proposes two general hypotheses as sufficient for its purposes: maximizing behavior of agents including consumers as to utility and business firms as to profit and economic systems including a market and an economy in stable equilibrium.

In the first tenet, his views presented the idea that all actors, whether firms or consumers, are striving to maximize something. They could be attempting to maximize profits, utility, or wealth, but it did not matter because their efforts to improve their well-being would provide a basic model for all actors in an economic system. Generally in a market, supply would equal demand. Foundations presents the question of how an equilibrium would react when it is moved from its optimal point.

For example, he could explain the economic effect of changes in taxes or new technologies. In the course of analysis, comparative statics , the analysis of changes in equilibrium of the system that result from a parameter change of the system is formalized and clearly stated.

The chapter on welfare economics "attempt s to give a brief but fairly complete survey of the whole field of welfare economics" Samuelson, , p. It also exposits on and develops what became commonly called the Bergson —Samuelson social welfare function. It shows how to represent in the maximization calculus all real-valued economic measures of any belief system that is required to rank consistently different feasible social configurations in an ethical sense as "better than", "worse than", or "indifferent to" each other p.

Main article: Economics textbook Samuelson is also author and since co-author of an influential principles textbook, Economics , first published in , now in its 19th edition. The book has been translated into forty-one languages and sold over four million copies; it is considered the best-selling economics textbook in history. A main focus was how to avoid, or at least mitigate, the recurring slumps in economic activity.

Each subsequent edition extrapolated a date range further in the future until those graphs were dropped from the edition. Buckley Jr. Stanley Fischer , p. Samuelson was co-editor, along with William A.


EKONOMIE Paul. A. Samuelson, William D. Nordhaus 18. vydání,

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