But when set to Toggle, Push It turns the note on with one press and off with a second press. Gifts T-Shirts Gift Vouchers. Dave Smith Instruments Mopho x4 They are important, but generally not required for performance. The option to polychain this one with another Mopho or a Tetra for more voices or for layering is very compelling and is something I consider at a later point. If your finance application is accepted and you pay the deposit, your order will come through to Andertons Music Co.

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Listen to the sounds, twiddle some knobs, have some fun! Please Register! Please go to www. If you purchased directly from us, there is no need to register—we already have your contact information.

Download it from www. I should mention that this manual does not include explanations of basic analog synthesizer functions. It assumes you already know what an oscillator is, how a low-pass filter affects the sound, what an ADSR envelope looks like, and so on. Page 9: Getting Connected Note: This input is heavily filtered for smooth, clean operation, so there is a limit to the speed at which it will respond.

Mopho can be used as a signal processor. See Sequencer on page 21 for more information. Fortunately, several of the synth components have similar control requirements. Page 12 —Press to return Mopho to program mode. Hold to select global mode. Program —When editing a Program, press Compare to hear the saved version. Compare Turn Compare off to return to the edited version.

Compare can also be used to audition write destinations when moving a program. As soon as any of the programmable parameters are edited, that parameter is displayed on the LCD, with the programmed value on the top line, and the new, edited value on the bottom line. Note that this Pedal: see table— Page 18 Dump the current bank in Tetra format Press Write to start transmission.

The dumps include Program and Bank numbers, so when The advantage to that is that the tuning is exceptionally stable over a ten-octave range without having to compensate for variables like temperature. Page 20 —The amount of random oscillator frequency tuning slop.

Oscillator Slop: This works great for accurate sounds, and allows precise de-tuning. Oscillator Slop allows subtle amounts of frequency drift. For larger amounts, use a random LFO or The time to transition between notes varies with the interval between FixRate: the notes; the greater the interval, the longer the transition time.

The glide rate is fixed. In conjunction with the gain control, Audio In will accept a fairly wide range of signal levels from low-level sources like guitars to hotter, line-level signals. Page Filter Filter Mopho features a selectable 2- or 4-pole, low-pass filter. When lighted, the filter is in 4-pole 4-Pole mode.


Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Operation Manual







GE 21518EC1 PDF


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