It was published monthly for 33 years in the Pakistani magazine Suspense Digest from February to January Devta is the fictional autobiography of Farhad Ali Taimoor, a man who gained amazing telepathic powers. The author Mohiuddin Nawab, a well-known social story writer of Pakistan, has written more than stories, both short stories and novel-length, mostly published in Suspense Digest, a monthly magazine published in Karachi and available in Pakistan , India , and various parts of the world where Urdu is spoken. He has also written screenplays for film and television.

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He also wrote film stories and TV dramas. The main idea of his stories was social romantic. It was a long story in any language which published for 33 years in the episode form every month. Mohiuddin Nawab was the writer of modern popular literature. But most of the classical authors are not accepting him as a man of Urdu literature. A rare people know that Mohiuddin Nawab was an excellent painter also.

He belongs to an artist and literary family. His grandfather was a painter. So we can say that Nawab took the painting capacity from his grandfather in the heredity. Nawab passed his matriculation examination in Kharagpur. He read the literature of Urdu, Persian, English, and Sanskrit in these days. G Walles. On the creation of Pakistan, he moved to Dhaka with his family. He decided to start his career as a writer and selected the film industry for that purpose. He took the help of Deeba Begum actress to settle with his family in Lahore.

He was thankful to Deeba Begum for her act of kindness. After that, Mohiuddin Nawab continuously started to write in different magazines and digests. He began to write an episode story in the monthly Suspense digest with surname Devta.

It was the autobiography of a man who knows telepathy. The Novel Devta started in February and got a high readership. It continued for 33 years and ended in January The Novel Devta was not only the most extended story of Urdu but any other language of the world. Now it is releasing in full form of 56 volumes.

It was the masterpiece of Mohiuddin Nawab and always sat on top in Mohiuddin Nawab books. He also authored many TV dramas and film stories. He did not have the courage more to write for the film industry. He has a large family, including three wives and thirteen children. At the beginning of his career, Nawab struggled to fulfill his financial expenses.

It was the problem that bound him to specific publishers. He cannot write classical literature and limited himself to modern literature. He gave the value to the traditional novel as an asset of Urdu. Krishan Chandar influenced much to him. But Nawab did not believe that fiction and modern literature is not a part of Urdu literature.

Mohiuddin Nawab was ill for many years due to lung disease. He worked very hard, and this causes him to fell lying on the bed. He bound to end this episode story Devta. At last, the writer having a literary career of more than fifty years, died on 6th February He found the age of 86 years. May Allah rest his soul in peace. Here is the detail of Mohiuddin Nawab Novels and stories published from time to time.

You can read and download these books to click on the link. I hope you like these Mohiuddin Nawab Novels List. Please note that all the books are in pdf form, and you can download it by clicking.


Devta By Mohiuddin Nawab Complete Parts Download



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Mohiuddin Nawab: Urdu Novel Writer



Mohiuddin Nawab


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