These are super sexy stories set in a dimensional world of ascending earths, in which the warriors must constantly battle a host of evil death vampires in order to keep honest, hard-working citizens safe. But after years of being forced to drink dying blood, he is now part beast — a wild savage thing lurking beneath the surface. With war on the horizon, Leto is determined to help the Guardians of Ascension destroy the enemy who turned him into a monster. At least he had a warning when the beast was about to emerge, a vibration that travelled down his left leg. Sonofabitch, there it was.

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She thought, tank, maybe? But as she came more fully awake, she realized that Leto was snoring, his head face down on his pillow. She smiled and rubbed his shoulder gently. How normal this seemed. The snoring jerked to a stop and he lifted his head. He blinked a couple of times then rubbed his face with both hands. He blinked some more. She continued to rub his shoulder slowly back and forth.

I think you were suffocating against your pillow. He chuckled, shifting to look up at her. The wrinkle between his brows relaxed. Nothing so unromantic as a loud snore.

Dawn had broken. I can see a lot of the peaks from here. A doe. Because of the breh-bond, she could feel the sheet tug at his legs until he kicked the tangle away. He moved closer and stretched out beside her. He draped his arm over her stomach. His forest scent drifted up and teased her nostrils. Desire, always so close to the surface because of the breh-hedden, swirled through her body.

He leaned over and kissed her cheek, then her throat and moved lower to her breasts. It was so strange to experience what he felt, just how soft her breast was against his lips, and the feel of her hardening nipple when he began to suckle.

All the dual sensations increased her need. With one hand she held onto the headboard. She used the other to pet his head. He suckled her breast, tugging on the nipple. His hands pushed at both breasts. His shoulders hunched.

God, I love feeling what this feels like to you. She slid the tips of her fingernails over a lock and he writhed. She did, too, because she could experience what that felt like. She added just a little pressure and he sucked harder on her breast.

I can feel the sensation of my mouth on your breast, what it feels like to you, he sent. One more suck and she clenched. So, she worked at blocking his experiences, which helped her to settle down a little. Instead, a beautiful dark glitter filled his blue eyes. She smiled and pinched his wing-lock. His body writhed beneath hers. Wing-locks were extremely sensitive and the act of mounting wings was very close to sexual release.

He groaned as he shifted to lie down beside her. He pushed the pillows out of the way. As in, you want me to change into the larger version of myself.

Do you want to? She could feel the vibration slide down one of his legs then the other. When his muscles began to enlarge everywhere, she sat back on her heels and watched the transformation. Her lips parted. Her breaths grew uneven. She realized that this was pure sex to her, that he grew, got bigger, became more of what he already was. Only instead of just his cock growing, his entire body grew, became more heavily muscled and he gained a couple of inches in height.

Meadow, Grace. Does this turn you on? More than you will ever know. He groaned again. She put her lips on his shoulder, kissing him softly, moving back and forth over his skin. She could feel the muscles swelling. A soft vibration passed through her. He hissed softly. Chuffs left his throat and she shivered. Her fingers touched more swelling flesh. She overlaid his bicep with her hand and licked his shoulder as everything beneath her continued to grow, shift, change, become larger.

She loved it. The feel of all this movement and energy beneath her hands and her mouth. His skin was hot. She licked. All that warmth and flavor, of Leto tasting like the forest, sent ripples down her body, little waves lapping at the shore, teasing her, tempting her. He trembled. I want— She cut him off. I need to hear your voice in this state. It gives me a thrill. You have to do as I say, at least for now. He sighed. His shoulder pushed at her lips, dragging away from her.

She opened her eyes. Leto was getting taller. She licked down his arm and nursed on his bicep. He grunted. This was her turn. She left his bicep, then using both hands, she began at the top of his back and slowly descended, stroking each weeping wing-lock, taking all that moisture with her, down and down to his waist until her hands were sopping.

He gave a shout and whirled to face her. But she moved with her newly acquired speed and was fifteen feet away, at the door of the bedroom.

He was off the bed before she could blink, but she held up one hand and he stopped. She wanted to run to him, throw her arms around him, and sink herself on what was very hard and very big. Her hands were dripping with the moisture from his wing-locks. The scent tempted her. With one hand held out to him to keep him away, she lifted the other to her lips. She settled her gaze on him and licked her palm. The flavor seemed to reach inside her and give a hard tug. She could feel what his hand felt like touching his cock and her body clenched with need.

Her gaze fell to what belonged only to her and her lips parted as she dragged air into her lungs. She put her moist hands on her breasts.

Her nipples drew into hard beads. She drifted her hands lower over her sensitive navel and lower. His hand moved faster as she descended. She was enjoying this too much, having this kind of control over him. She felt heady as her fingers slid into her pubic hair and pushed. The sensation was delightful. He closed his eyes and groaned. She had an idea and with a burst of speed, she was on her knees in front of him and her lips closed around the crown of his cock. He gave a strangled cry and with his hands suddenly on her head, he pushed his cock into her mouth.


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