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Trapped in a dark—and, might I add, stinky—alley. Surrounded by bloodsuckers. Two pack mates in wolf form passed out against the wheel of a truck, not clear whether they were living or dead.

The rest of our ragtag crew had already skedaddled, frantic to make it home so they could lick their wounds before they passed out. Blood oozed out the sides of my neck and both wrists in a steady flow, a puddle already forming around my feet, my heart finally, blessedly slowing.

Pinning-Me-To-The-Wall vampire, the one he called Ralph, held both of my wrists above my head with one hand and had just moved his free hand to my belly, claws at the ready, when the order to stop registered. Not that I could have gotten away even if he had loosened his grip. There were seven of them and one of me. Plus, they were bigger, stronger, older. I chuckled at the last thought. They were immortal; of course they were older.

Ralph jerked his head back and scowled as he shook me. Are you laughing, dog? My head flopped from side to side, my neck feeling limp as a cooked noodle. Huh, I felt almost…almost good. I mean, I was bleeding like a stuck pig and dying and all, but dang. I shrugged, or at least I tried to shrug. I definitely shrugged in my mind. Could shrugs be mental? I wondered if his eyes were the same color as his hair. Mine were.

The same color as his hair, I mean. Not the same color as mine. My hair was brown but my eyes were black. Black as night. Black as coal. I slumped against the wall, barely able to stay on my feet. I wondered whether that was what being drunk felt like. Maybe I should have tried it. Oh, well. Nothing would matter ever again.

It landed on my leg, I think, but there was so much blood it was nigh on impossible to tell. They were alive. I turned my attention back to the threat slash salvation at hand. Coming at me in slow, steady footsteps was Miguel, the scary vampire who had maimed most of my pack mates and was apparently gunning to add me to his accomplishment tally, the one with the gorgeous long black hair and the— Wait, gorgeous? How much blood had I lost? Enough that death was imminent.

Not that I minded. That was, after all, the whole reason I had agreed to go on the vampire-eradication mission with the other males my age. Hell, it was the reason they had, for the first time since we were toddlers, let me join them for anything. We all knew that going in. The others were there to defend the pack from our most detested enemy and gain notoriety for years to come. I was there to die in the only honorable way my twenty-year-old brain could think of. Because the closer that bloodsucker named Miguel got to me, the more I felt blood pooling somewhere other than around my shoes.

I wondered if their kind could see well at night. Oh, Lord, feed. What would that feel like? I stared at Tall, Dark, and Deadly and wondered how it would feel to have those sharp fangs pierce my vein and suck the blood from my body. My knees buckled at the thought. He licked his lips and that was it. I was done, twitching and gasping as I coated the inside of my drawers with my release.

His eyes widened in surprise and his graceful steps faltered. Sure enough, they could see in the dark. Or maybe they had a heightened sense of smell. Miguel got even closer, and I was finally able to track his scent over the millions of other foreign odors in the filthy half-soul street.

I trembled with renewed desire. Not possible. He took another step. And then another one. His gaze never broke its lock on mine. My eyes rolled back in my head, the tightness in my skin completely loosened.

The pressure in my chest slowed to nonexistent. And then I was on all fours, peace finally overtaking me, before everything went black.


Until Forever Comes (2013)

He feels sick all the time and his pack is mostly embarrassed about him. Follow the Author All things that made him undesirable. Plagued by pain and weakness all his life, he hopes to find an honorable death by joining his nutil mates in a vampire attack. Their sexual chemistry though? Miguel, the year-old indestructible alpha vampire is the sexiest thing EVER!


~Review~Until Forever Comes (Mates #2) by Cardeno C.~

I prefer when she writes a longer book, some of the shorts have left me wanting to know more. This book was short but not overly so. Another gem that I enjoyed. Very sweet but not as syrupy as the first book in the series. Ethan is a wolf shifter, unable to shift, sickly and small. He has accepted he will not live out the year so joins some young pack mates who are going into town to attack some bloodsuckers that have arrived recently. Ethan thinks dying while fighting the vampires will be a heroes death.


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