I am very happy to say that Chris made it well worth the wait. It was the perfect sequel. Ive made no secret of the fact that I was not happy with where Two and the rest of the characters were left at the end of The Blood that Bonds. I even devoted a Follow Friday post on my blog to my feelings on the subject.

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Zudal Nook1st Editionpages. Returned to humanity, both women try to cope with their junt situation. Sep 01, Jeana Green rated it it was amazing. I really ejoyed it, it was great to get more depth on the vampire history and how the story unravels now it has these new twists. Full of chaos in a good way.

Since I am married to the author, I cannot pretend to be at all objective, though I will try… but I hope this helps people form an idea about Blood Huntthe follow-up to The Buceheler that Bondsand what they can expect from it.

Cannot beleave the imagination of this author. Definately a 5 star book! I should probably touch on the romances. Science stopped the rising of the ocean waters at seven meters, but it has found no answer for Elixir.

Just when I think vampires have done too much, someone comes along with a new take that gives fresh energy. I am now looking forward to the 3rd one — which hopefully will get Tori back into the picture a bit more.

I really loved some twists, hated a few, and expected others. I wish I cared about Tori. The Children of the Sun is sure to be another emotional ride for Two and the rest of her friends. I love that we got more of Rhes, Sarah and Molly in this one, too.

Just so you know there may be spoilers in this review. Wisdom My Blood Approves, 4. I applaud him for imagining these amazing characters and putting it all down on paper in such a wonderful way, that I actually care about what happens to them.

Now, she too has returned to humanity and struggles to come to terms christopheg all that has happened. Blood Hunt When the rescue team shows up and they each, in turn, step forward to reveal themselves, it seemed kinda corny. Blood that Bonds had an atypical heroine in Two Majors— she was a heroin addict whose prostitution brings her in contact with vampire Theroen. I got the first book in the series for free. I love this series. You can visit him at http: As bad as I want to share more about this book it will absolutely spoil it so I must keep my thoughts to myself.

I am anxiously awaiting the 3rd book, Children of the Sun. Freed from the shackles of the blood craze Tori and from both addiction and fairy-tale love Twothe two women must make their own decisions. Once I did, and things started going, I could not put it down.

I very much look forward to the next book and seeing what directions all these beautiful characters are going in. Tory is chrsitopher and starting to hate two to leaving her there but when something happens hnt her parents things change and then her story stops.

It was all fun and games until the new guy showed up with the book and started ordering people around. Other books in the series. I felt like she could have went back into hiding. Related Posts.


Blood Hunt

Mokinos Dark, violent, and sensual, but buoyed by themes of hope, perseverance, and survival, the books have captured the imaginations of tens of thousands of readers around the world. Erinyes by Christopher Buecheler Molly Thompson has never had buecgeler easy life. But back to Blood Hunt. On Hold Novellas These were originally published serially on my old blog, back in the mids.


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Blood Hunt


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