A Holistic Approach to Trading Understanding yourself from within is what makes a difference in successful trading and investing. Read Our Welcome Letter Are you seeking an approach to trading that teaches you to trade consistently in any market or timeframe? The Profitunity trading methods take a holistic approach to trading, integrating chaos theory, technical analysis and psychology into a collection of principles, rules and indicators that could produce consistent results for the disciplined chaos trader who follows them. Profitunity Home Study Courses The Profitunity Home Study Program provides a comprehensive study course created to assist you to successfully trade stocks, bonds, futures, and Forex markets in the current markets.

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So, after having traded like that nearly 21 years, a former teacher decided to start doing professional trading. But, unfortunately, the independent trading did not bring positive results.

Market is the sum of opinions The market, according to Bill Williams, actually, is very simple. In fact, the market is the sum of the views of all investors. In the case of forex, this could be a simple need for currency. All these players see a different picture of the market, which forms separate movements, trends , etc.

If you remove from the chart display of the timeframe, you can hardly guess, to what time period this chart belongs. Our perception of reality is very relative and depends on what point of view we currently use.

In other words, it shows that all time frames on the market are linked — first, the trend changes on the lowest timeframe and then on a higher. The principles of market energy 1. The market energy is always the path of least resistance. You can make a comparison with a river, which paves the way through the natural barriers. Usually, this path is defined by an invisible structure. Similarly, the behavior of the river depends on the bed base structure. The formation is affected by the way you see the market.

The basic structure is amenable to change. Sometimes it seems like the majority of traders are trying to bail out all the water from the river by buckets, only to change the direction of its movement. Many people simply forget that it is possible to easily change the direction of the flow by removing a stone at the beginning of the river. That is to say that our view of the market can be always changed.

Since the market is a product of many minds, understanding, what leads to changes in prices gives a significant advantage in trading. Therefore, the Holy Grail is to want what the market wants. They have a penchant for independent thinking and action against conventional wisdom.

Usually, brave leaders, who attract other investors. The success of investors usually depends on the success of the leader — trader. Such people will not change the current state of affairs despite the unsatisfactory result. Stairway to profit Level — Novice. His goal is to get money at the same time acquiring new experience. During this phase, learning the basics takes place: how to place a deal, how to calculate margin and so on.

Level — Advanced Beginner. The goal is to make money gradually, using a small account. Level — the Competent trader. The goal is to maximize the overall return on investment. Level — the Proficient trader. The goal is to trade in accordance with his own belief systems. Stability comes to the fore, and winning becomes the main objective.

Level — the Expert trader. The goal of an expert trader is to trade using his state of mind. At this stage, you have a full understanding of yourself and the market. It is no more a concept of randomness, but any chaos has a certain order.

The rules of the strategy Any trading platform will suit for this trading system, as indicators of Bill Williams has long become standard in any terminal. The strategy can be used on any timeframe, but the author recommends the daily chart. Signals for entry on fractals should be better used only for refilling the position. Blue line — bar MA with 8-bar shift. In fact, it displays where the price would be out of chaos.

The value of the range between the jaws and the real price tells you about an interpretation of this new data by players.

Red line — 8-bar MA with the 5-bar shift. This line also shows the balance, but for a smaller timeframe. This timeframe is equal to about a fifth of the chart time period. That is, if you are trading on a daily chart, the line will approximately display the situation on the four-hour chart. Green line — 5-bar MA with a 3-bar shift to the future.

Again, the green line corresponds to about one-fifth of the teeth time structure red line. That is, closest to the period of H1 or M All three lines together: jaw, teeth, and lips form the mouth of an alligator. Alligator is an expanded trend indicator. Obviously, in order to shift the blue line, more information is needed than to move the red or the green one.

The system uses default settings of the indicator. This is the first signal to enter a trade. Therefore, we will look for the earliest signs of a reversal trend. Bullish reversal bar indicates a lower minimum relative to previous bars and closes above its midpoint. It says that at the beginning of the bar formation forces were on the side of the bears, but then the power went to the bulls. In contrast to the bull bar, there is also a bearish reversal bar.

This bar shows the new high and closes at its lower half. That is, at first the bulls ruled, but in the end, the bears won. Bullish and a bearish reversal bar should be located at a significant distance from the Alligator lines. Also, the angle formed by the price should be greater than the angle formed by the jaws of an alligator. The same, but in reverse, is true for the bull market. We make a buy order a little higher than the bearish reversal maximum, put the stop-loss at a certain distance below the minimum.

The indicator measures the momentum of the last 5 bars and compares this value with the last 34 bars. That is, the indicator displays the current power of the impulse.

The signal for topping up to the opened position are three consecutive bars of the same color of AO histogram. At the close of the third bar, we set a pending order just below the minimum candle and set stop-loss similarly to the first signal by the system — near the high of the same candle. However, if there was no reversal bar, we may well enter the transaction by AO indicator, but with a smaller lot size.

Ideally, the upward fractal is, at least, five consecutive candles, where the highest high is accompanied by two lower ones on both sides. The same is true for the downward fractal, where the lowest low is accompanied by four bars with higher lows. When the fractal appears, we set a pending buy order. If a fractal works out, we also enter on the next fractals, until we make 5 orders. The stop-loss should be set at the low of fractal candle bar, or at the maximum of last candles.

If it is the first signal, enter with the minimum lot. The signal of the first wise men is formed at a rather big distance from the alligator. We expect the appearance of a bullish or bearish reversal bar.

The purpose of the first signal — to enter the market at the best price with minimal losses. Now, it is necessary to pay special attention to the presence of a steeper price inclination relative to alligator lines good angulation , particularly regarding the blue line — the jaws; 2.

If the market continues to move in our direction, we begin counting the bars in the AO histogram. After three consecutive bars of the same color appear green for buy, red for sell , top up to the main position according to the MM system; 3. The purpose of the third wise men is to simply follow the trend while it goes in our direction. When the fractal arises, we set a stop order just outside of the extremum and stop-loss at the lowest low or the highest high over the last 3 or 5 bars; 4.

Continue to monitor the flow of new signals until the position size reaches its maximum size, in accordance with the MM according to the book — 5 orders in total ; 5.

If the position was not closed by the stop-loss, we quit when an opposite signal arises or reverse the position. Exiting from the position You should exit from the position at the appearance of the opposite signal.

That is, wait for the appearance of reversal bar or three consecutive bars of the same color in the AO histogram. Money Management and Inverse Pyramid To calculate the position size Bill Williams recommends the following approach, which looks like an inverse pyramid: Order — Lot X.


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