Despite it weights 4 kg and, so, is rather heavy, its design lets it appear rather slim and light. The bottom side is robust, it hardly yields by applying force. This is quite different for the display cover. It is out of a thin plastic, which can be easily pushed in. So, even the display panel is at risk.

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If you run DeskUpdate it will tell you which drivers are not installed and will take care of the installation for you. The restore disk was very easy and simple to use. The laptop was purchased online from a company called NicePC. It cost 1,, it can be bought for cheaper around however most of these companies are out of stock. I would have to say that it was a great deal.

I am anti-UK when it comes to prices because for around the same price you could get the same laptop with GB hard drive rather than the GB elsewhere in europe.

When you have one in front of you, you realise how big it is. Also the fact that it weighs 4kg 8. Although I have put it to the test and have lugged it around my university and lectures. Carrying a inch notebook felt like I was doing an extra work out. If you push on the back it causes ripples, however the rest of the chassis is much more solid and in particular the base. The hinges are solid and there is minimal wobbling when pushing on the screen.

The design is attractive although I would envy those that had an Xa, they look cooler. Screen view large image The screen for me has to be arguably the best feature. Fortunately my model does not have any dead pixels and the leakage is very minimal. The contrast is great and it really captures all the vibrant colours. The brightness is adjustable, and whilst the lowest setting is too dim, the highest setting is more than enough to use. I tend to use it just a little lower than the highest setting.

Both vertical and horizontal angles are great. It retains true image colors at high angles. Having a high resolution on a big screen means that I can have multiple windows up in different areas of the screen and can look at several different things without having to push Alt-Tab to select a different window.

Having watched a few movies and the high-def trailer for Halo 3, I can say I am in love with the screen. Movies are great to watch on it. The good news is that it came with a remote control so you can sit back and relax and watch the movie and not have to go back and forth to the laptop.

The sound is crisp and the speakers are loud, however if you turn it up to the max volume it starts to lose its clarity. I still think that I will stick to my 5. It comes with a built in 2. You can notice the subwoofer, but I still think it is pointless in laptops.

Heat and Noise The most noticeable heat is on the palm rest and the bottom of the laptop. They do get hot but they never get uncomfortable.

The laptop is fairly noisy. It does have a silent mode which I believe slows performance down, but in return the laptop does get quieter. I do have a notebook cooler that sits perfectly on the notebook and it keeps the underside cool. Keyboard and Touchpad The keyboard is comfortable to use and the flex is minimal.

The good news is that it is a full sized keyboard. There is some bad news though. As you can see it is on the far bottom left. That is a small annoyance and as I use the laptop more I will get used to it. In particular the arrow keys and the secondary keys. Those with big hands may find themselves having to be extra careful around that area when they want to use those buttons.

The touchpad is located slightly to the left of the laptop, but sits in the middle of the letters. There is a vertical scroll on the right side of the touchpad but I never use it. This is turned on at the front of the laptop. It picked up my wireless no problems and I was able to use the internet with a good strength when the wireless router was three floors above it. It also has Bluetooth which I have tried and works well.

Battery Life As expected the battery life is not great at all. I like its new GUI and its improved security features.

However, they can be annoying. Finding out how to do it was the hard part, but once I knew what I had to do the job became much simpler.

After modifying the setup files in notepad and integrating the drivers with XP I had a brand new XP CD with my drivers in it and it finally detected my hard drives.

I know that generally around a couple of MB is unpartioned but 2GB is a lot of unused space! I am now dual booting so I think I will use Vista for watching movies and doing my work but stick with XP for gaming and 3D applications. It seems more as though they are forced than the actual drivers for it.

The mobility x and mobility x are based on two different cores. The x is based on a 80nm fabrication process where the x on a 90nm fabrication process. Tagging it as m58 could be a slightly false interpretation of what the x can actually do in the benchmark and games.

Benchmarking 1st hard drive view large image 2nd hard drive view large image.




Fujitsu Amilo Xi 1554


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