You cannot declare a variable as a specific type of object, so early binding is not possible in JScript. Once an object is created, you refer to it in code using the object variable you defined. If an instance of the ActiveX object is already running, ActiveXObject may start a new instance when it creates an object of the required type. Show pause ; The preceding code segment references the Word. Application object, and its methods are used later.

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Vudonris So apparently the call in the script is trying to use this multibyte? Thursday, October 21, 6: For example, a method cativexobject have the following declaration:. If an ActiveX control is located on a Web page, its client process is iexplore.

In-process COM objects and ActiveX components function within the process of their client application that uses the object or component. For example, a method can have the following declaration: Is this possible adobr all?

I am looking to do this as well. And are there side-effects of deleting it? Lizzan 14 Internet Explorer Extension Development. You can also create a script routine handling the object events. To get the desired object, you can also use native methods of a scripting language. Shell to execute Ms-DOS commands?

I see this set in a lot of places activexonject. CodingBarfield 2, 1 19 At least thats the way I would do it. Proposed as answer by SamIam7 Wednesday, June 5, 4: Monday, October 15, 8: To access these adob, you need to have access to the internals of their client applications:.

Also, what does that registry entry do? DelphiScript does not support calling COM object methods that take nil as one of the parameters. Email Required, but never shown. The time now is What should we do? Login to Your Account. The content you requested has been removed.

EmptyObject property that returns an actuvexobject object. Sign up using Facebook. You cannot use TestComplete as a client application for in-process OLE objects, the bitness of which is different than the bitness of TestComplete. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. All I can think of is that if you are changing the executable manually in the registry, you may be breaking adpbe secret cross references in the command subkey.





OLE Automation in JavaScript: The ActiveXObject() Function


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