Figura 1. Se la precedente si sostituisce nella 1. Nel tubo sia inserito un setto poroso o un diaframma o sia praticata una strozzatura come mostrato in Fig. E nullo per ipotesi il calore scambiato q e, palesemente, il lavoro tecnico T. Per qualsiasi altro uido, al contrario, il coeciente di Joule-Thomson risulta in genere diverso da zero ed assume valori ampiamente variabili a seconda del campo di temperatura e di pressione considerato.

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Voodookus The student can perform experimental work in laboratory 2 hours: Course contents This course provides notion about the thermodynamic systems and the main thermodynamic property relations. The Temperature — Entropy Diagram.

The exam is subdivided in two main parts: To make calculations a scientific calculator is required and if the task mattarolo the use of thermodynamic tables or diagrams these will be provided with the text. Then some application problems are proposed and analysed and for these cases are developed the numerical solutions.

The score of the written exam will be expressed in thirty Sensible Heating and Cooling. Information on the course unit. Water and Vapor Humidifying. The candidate must demonstrate to analyze the problem proposed, find an analytical solution and, when required, obtain the correct numerical result and be accompanied by consistent units of measure.

The student will must have the knowledge to face the more complex problems of the forthcoming teachings. Franco, Esercizi di termodinamica applicata, Andrea Vallerini Ed. The questions can be 3 or 4 and each question will have the same weight so if 3 questions each will weigh 10 points, if 4 questions each will weigh 7.

Textbooks and optional supplementary readings A. Heat transfer from combustion gases. D2 — Applying Knowledge and Understanding. Mass and Volume Rate. The student should achieve: Texts, readings, handouts and other learning resources. Planned learning activities and teaching methods: Moodle files, quizzes, workshops, Lecture notes available tegmodinamica https: For example, a contest on the II law of thermodynamics.

Ability to rate and design heat exchangers. Teaching and learning strategies. Edizioni Progetto Padova, Back cavalllini list of courses. Other lecture notes and exercises are in moodle. During the final oral exam will be made three different questions. Mattarolo, Trasmissione del calore. Department of Industrial Engineering.

D1 — Knowledge and Understanding The student must know the base theory of thermodynamics and heat transfer. Exergy and availability balance for an open system steady flow equation Gas power cycles. The main relationship to predict the behavior of ideal gases and real gases, liquid and vapour and solid are shown.

Are mattarilo also the main relationships to describe the flow through nozzles and diffusers as well as the correlation to predict the pressure losses in pipes and loops. In the first part, students are guided to understand as a thermodynamic systems and its control surface is linked to the surroundings thank to exchange of heat and work.

Fundamentals of gas dynamics: The student must solve simple analytic problems of thermodynamics and heat transfer. Lastly the fundamentals of heat transfer are provided. Related Posts.


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