Basically, there are six adjustments you can make to the front fork. Air pressure acts as a progressive spring over the entire fork travel range. Since the air pressure in the fork legs increases with normal use, the fork action on your KX will get stiffer as the race progresses. Therefore, it is not recommended to increase the air pressure for additional springing. The KX forks are designed to function without added air.

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I built this bike about 3 years ago, since then, I have met my wife, had our first baby boy and our second is due any day now. If my wife sees me ride this thing one more, time, we might have triplets. So here I am, having to sell this beast. Do not worry though, I still have my Lamson replica crr and my McGrath crr, so my mental health will be maintained.

Unfortunately with the family and work actives over the years, I only get to ride about twice a year, so someone else should reap the benefits of this sexual manipulative machine.

If you question the quality or integrity of the work, feel free to inspect the pictures provided, or I can provide you with anything specific you may need. Fabrication and welding is second to none on this, as it was done by a well know industry pro who does professional modifications for many of the race teams here in SoCal.

If you were thinking about buying a kit and doing this yourself, save the time and money and set yourself up with a champion brewing machine like this one. I will admit, it is fun to build bikes, thats what I do for a living, but right now in front of you is the opportunity to ride your dream machine this weekend! Brand-new OEM clutch and throttle cables. New Rental gold chain and Pro Taper sprockets. Clutch and engine are perfectly sound.

Engine and chassis were all brand new when I put it together, not pieced together from junk craigslist bikes or roached out eBay parts.

Only used part I used was the rear wheel. Bike has less than 20 hours on it, as I spend most of my time test riding bikes for work or just being a nerd and not being able to ride much anymore. I will put brand new grips of your choice on, as well as a new front tire. I am reluctant to replace these as I may try to sneak out and ride it once more if the opportunity does arise, but I want it to be fresh for any potential customers.

I can say that I built it so if there was ever a need to replace a part, it is either a chassis part from the f, or and engine, coolant, or carb part for the kx There are also a few kits out there, but compare my pictures to theirs and they will speak from themselves.

We did use spacer for the engine, that are easy to put in, and make engine mounting much less difficult. Everything fits like it was built that way from the factory, and you would never even know from looking at the frame is was a custom build.

I love this thing, and it really is a bummer to get ride of it, but were are moving a few states away right after our baby comes so it is currently a necessity. Reasonable is considered within the range of buying a chassis as I have mentioned, and my asking price.

Thanks for looking and ride safe! Sean Trim Engine.


2003 2004 Kawasaki Kx250 Owners Manual Kx 250 F



Kawasaki KX250 Service Manual


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